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We are excited to introduce "A Fresh Take" on some of our MOST beloved classes, available several times each month! Select videos from various courses will be free to stream for a limited time. During this period, the full courses will also be offered at a 50% discount. While the free lessons are only streamable, purchasing the course grants you lifetime access to all videos and downloadable content. Enjoy this opportunity to dive deeper into your creative journey!


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We've partnered with renowned artists from around the globe to offer art classes that are as informative as they are inspiring. Elevate your artistic skills to new heights under the guidance of master artists, and immerse yourself in our extraordinary art community. We invite you to experience the magic for yourself by joining a free class. Come see why everyone is talking about us!

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Are You Thinking About Quitting Your Day Job so that You Can Discover Your Dream Job?

Do you dream of transforming your side hustle into a flourishing business or making your day job a thing of the past? If the thought of elevating your passion from a hobby to an entrepreneurial venture excites you, it's time to explore your potential. Take our free self-assessment for creative entrepreneurs and discover if you're ready to make that leap.

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We have a several different royalty free images for you to use!  Enjoy our library of images and our collections via Unsplash!

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One of my favorite things to do is talk with my fellow artists and friends.  These interviews are full of good little nuggets of information that we can apply to art and to life!

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