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Did you know that we offer artists the opportunity to be featured on our site in a variety of ways?  It is my goal to help other artists to be successful on their pursuit of living a creative life!  We are always seeking/accepting submissions in the following areas:  featured photographers for INSPIRE eMagazine, new class ideas for our online school, workshop ideas for our studio in Tustin, and real-life testimonies for your in-person or online experience.  Please learn more below about the guidelines for each type of submission.



Are you ready to share your gifts with the world, but not really sure where to begin, or don't have the platform or following to make it happen?  We are here to help you!  Kara has been teaching and developing curriculum since 1999.  Since that time she has mentored hundreds of teachers, both online and in-person.  It is her desire to help creatives to share their gifts with the world and to help them to believe that they CAN also live a creative life!  We are currently accepting online class submissions for late 2019 and early 2020.


If you would like to submit an online class idea, please include the following in your submission:

  • A thorough description of the class
  • How many lessons would the class include
  • 5-10 sample photographs of your work that is similar to what you would be teaching
  • What type of supplies would be used
  • Who your audience is
  • A link to a sample video of you, the artist, doing a demo lesson of some type.
  • A video of you introducing yourself to me and why we should include your class on our site.
  • Information about what equipment will be used to film your lessons.
  • Any other important information you feel we sould know


Send online class submissions to Kara at  Please be sure that the subject line is ONLINE CLASS SUBMISSION.

PicMonkey Collage(5)


INSPIRE is an eMagazine published 8 times per year for artists with a passion for portrait and figurative artwork.   Each volume focuses on a theme or topic, to give artists new inspiration to draw from.  INSPIRE was created to guide the artwork of artists, but also to represent our world as it is today!  Expect to find a variety of individuals with each new edition!

Each edition will include the following:

  • A theme/topic to inspire artists
  • 16+ photographs in the topic/theme of that volume
  • A diverse grouping of photographs to represent diversity
  • Three+ photographers (unless a photographer is invited to be the only photographer for an edition)
  • A brief write up of the featured photographers and links to the photographers social media, websites, etc.


Currently seeking submissions for the following themes:

  • Love
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Spring is in the Air
  • Summertime
  • Children
  • Older and Wiser


The majority of the magazine's features are freelance-photographers.  We are seeking both color and black/white photographs in a variety of portrait and figurative poses that would bring inspiration to the working artist.  We look for a variety of contributors from different backgrounds and geographic areas. Photographs must be sent by email (see guidelines below).


INSPIRE buys the rights to the photographs used in the emagazine.  Photographs purchased will belong to Kara Bullock Art for the use of inspiration for artists.  They will be published in the emagazine, and may also be offered as stand alone .jpegs. Payment is given upon receipt of photographs, and royalties are paid for sales of magazines.  Further description of payment available when contract is created.


Please limit submissions to 10 photographs or less.  approximately 10 photographs or less. We don't need to see more than that to make a decision.  All film formats are accepted, but only work with digital files.


INSPIRE assumes no responsibility for solicited or unsolicited contribution materials unless otherwise agreed to in writing over our signature as detailed under Photographs for Submission in these guidelines. Exceptions to this disclaimer of liability on the part of INSPIRE must be prearranged, executed in writing and signed by both parties prior to the shipment of materials in question. Again, this policy is for your protection as well as ours.


THANK YOU FOR THE CONTRIBUTIONS! We value your artistic ideas and photographic offerings. With your help, INSPIRE will continue to guide the artwork of the students on our network all over the world!


Send photography submissions to Kara at  Please be sure that the subject line is PHOTOGRAPHY SUBMISSION.



We are always in pursuit of collecting your stories for our website.  We are looking to learn more about your personal experience from our classes and artist community.  What is it that you have enjoyed?  What type of impact have our classes made on your art journey?  How do you think that our classes can help others?  There is nothing like hearing first-hand experiences from others when you are deciding on trying something new.  We would like for new website visitors, and new students to have an opportunity to learn from our students why they should take a class on the Kara Bullock Art School website.  Would you like to help?


If you would like to help out in this project, you can fill out the form HERE.