Hi. I'm Kara.

I am an educator, entrepreneur, and artist, but I am also a mom, wife, dog lover, crocheter, go-getter, dreamer, and so many more things!

I love art, but I love people more and it is my mission in life to be your number one cheerleader, and to help you live the life that you dream about, whatever that means to you!

By trade, I am an elementary school teacher and college instructor. In 2014, I returned to my love for art. A year later, I decided to do something crazy and open up my own, online art and business school. I haven’t looked back! I love living the life that I have created for myself and the freedom that I have in my every day life! Now I am helping others to do the same, take their passions and turn it into profit so that they, too, can build a life that they love and enjoy!

Some ways that I can support you on your journey:

Top notch art classes to improve your skills

Business classes to help take your passion to profit

Free resources to support both art and business

I am so happy that you are here and am honored to have you as a part of our art school!

School Mission Statement

Welcome to Kara Bullock Art School, where we blend the digital with the tangible to offer art education that bridges continents. Our school is a gathering place for master artists worldwide, each sharing their unparalleled expertise and techniques through our online platform. With courses filmed by professional cinematographers, we provide an enriching learning experience for artists at every level, from hobbyists to professionals.

Our curriculum spans a broad spectrum of subjects, including portraits, figures, landscapes, abstracts, and more, ensuring every artist finds their muse. But beyond the diverse courses, it’s the warm, supportive community that truly sets us apart. Since 2015, we've nurtured an environment where encouragement, friendship, and artistic growth flourish.

Here, every artist finds their place, their space at our table. We open our arms wide to welcome all who wish to explore, learn, and grow. At the Kara Bullock Art School, you're not just enrolling in a course; you're joining a family that believes in the power of art to change lives. Welcome home.

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Q and A

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