INSPIRE – Photographs to Guide Your Artwork

It was almost a year ago when I grew weary from the countless hours that I would spend searching for new COPYRIGHT FREE images to use for my artwork. After taking a few pics of my daughters around the house, I quickly became inspired by not only them, but also taking the images and then manipulating them to create an inspiring image to work from.


This sparked the idea for creating my own ROYALTY FREE library for the students on my website. Slowly, over time, we will have a beautiful library to use. I have also been working with a couple of very talented photographers because I cannot do this on my own!  Each edition of INSPIRE will have a variety of portrait and figurative poses.  We will be including front, 3/4, profile, and more when it comes to the portrait.  Figurative poses will include standing, sitting, laying, and so much more.  INSPIRE aims to represent our world as it is.  Expect to find a variety of individuals with each new edition!

This resource is available to all students on our website, as well as, visitors that are not currently enrolled in a class.  Each year we will be creating several volumes of our magazine, INSPIRE, which will contain between 12-20 images.  It is my hope that this resource will be a guide to inspire your personal artworks.  If you are enrolled in LET'S FACE IT 2019, you will receive five volumes per year for FREE.  If you are not enrolled in LET'S FACE IT 2019, you are currently welcome to purchase the volumes individually for $14 each.


Our first volume focused on black and white.  The second edition is inspired by the cold weather we are all experiencing right now!  Below is a shot of all of the images that you will get in Volume 2!  If you are in Let's Face It 2019, this is available to you in the classroom.  If you are not in Let's Face It, you can purchase the volumes HERE.


I am currently collecting images for Volume Three!  Do you know someone that might want to be a featured photographer?  Be sure to have them get in touch or submit HERE.


Join SABRA AWLAD ISSA in her brand new course MIXED EMOTIONS - Portraits and Hands that Create Emotion. I have to say that this is one of the most beautiful courses I have ever seen.  Sabra has put so much thought and care into each lesson, and you will learn so much about using different materials, how to draw/paint hands and portraits, and most importantly how to create a feeling of emotion in your work.  Course opens March 20th and is completely downloadable!

Connect with other creatives TODAY in our private Facebook Artist Community!  It is full of inspiration, support and encouragement....what every artist needs!  Silence your inner critic with the support of other artists!


I can't wait to hear from you in our Artist Community or here about who is your latest inspiration!  What type of photographs would you like to see in future Volumes!?!?  Let me know by commenting below!




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