How Can I Get That Engaging Quality Out of an Animal?

"There's a lot of spirit and a lot of soul in animals.  As I do people I realized I was able to capture that in people, and why not capture that in an animal.  I can't get in there deep with an animal, have a conversation with it, talk to it, but I can certainly look at it and observe, and find out what might be that piece that makes people gravitate to that animal.  How can I get that engaging quality out of an animal, opposed to having a static portrait of an animal."

Robert Kelley is a fine artist/illustrator with a focus on portraiture! He lives in Stockton, California, and is a single dad to three children. He studied graphic design at UC Davis and then went on to study illustration at Academy of Art in San Francisco. Although he has had an extensive education in art, he abandoned art for most of his adult life.   That changed in 2014 when his life hit a dramatic shift. At this time, he began looking at why he was in a constant state of low-level unhappiness and discovered that he had abandoned his true and authentic self. He knew that the one thing he needed that had been missing was art! Since then, he has adopted a sink or swim mentality and is a full time artist for a living!  He has several art classes available with Kara Bullock Art School and enjoys sharing his knowledge with those that want to discover more about charcoal, portraits, and living a creative life.

What you will learn in Robert's upcoming course, ANIMAL PORTRAITS IN CHARCOAL, is to capture the spirit and soul in animals that pet lovers are drawn to.  Whether you love to draw animals or want to begin including them as extras in your portrait and figurative work, you are sure to learn a lot in this course!

Class opens April 6th!  We hope to see you join the class and learn more about Robert and his animal drawing techniques!  Early Bird pricing is available through March 22nd!


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