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Stacha“With art, anything is possible.  When I create that belief brings me hope, it makes me kinder, more grateful, more aware and focused.  Art makes me a better me.”




Hi! My name is Stacha (like stationary… without the nary).

I am a mother, obsessive doodler, fur-baby lover and Artist.

Born and raised in Southern California, I attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and majored in advertising… and have always had a very active imagination.

My style is rooted in the whimsical with simple lines, luscious color and a smidge of a story for good measure.

It’s my hope that my pieces will spark a memory or a smile. That it will offer a wonderful distraction from your immediate surroundings, (which actually, in part, is one definition of a daydream which was the inspiration for The Daydreamerie). I hope my Art does this for you, it certainly does this for me.

Drawing and painting is my mode of meditation. I crave getting lost in the process, experimenting and trying new things (a nice way of saying I have an art supply addiction, raise your hand if you’re with me… Hello EVERYONE!).

Go to mediums are watercolor and graphite or acrylic and inks. Although, I am constantly learning and want to further explore paper and plaster sculpture too! While I find inspiration everywhere I am motivated by positive quotes, I don’t just hear or read them, I visualize them. Often the quote perfectly sums up how I feel, or just as often they are exactly what I needed to hear.

I began to show my work on social media via my Facebook page, The Daydreamerie as well as through Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest last year. I am excited to continue to grow and share and am thankful to have that opportunity!

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