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  • Course is Open! Self-Study!
  • Instructor – Stanka Kordic
  • 6+ Hours of Instruction
  • Lifetime Access/Downloadable Content
  • Private Facebook Group
  • #stankakordic
  • Course Price – $129

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There are many layers to my paintings and each layer is important.  They are like an onion!  In this course, you will learn how to build your paintings very slowlyExplore decision making, including what to keep, and what to cover up.  Every inch of your canvas is important - the background, the subject, the paint, all of it!  By working in this way, you will learn to create a richer experience for yourself.

Practice connecting with your artwork so that you can create something that is truly meaningful to you personally.  In this course, you will practice looking at your painting, and find something new and exciting each time.  A lot of this process will be to accept things as they are, and let go of things that you can’t control, and in the end be okay with things as they reveal themselves to you.  Be comfortable in the silences.  Trust the not knowing and that eventually the painting will come out. 


*** This course is geared toward intermediate level with a strong foundation in portraiture




By the end of this course students will be introduced to the following concepts:

  • Experiment with different ways of creating a painting
  • Begin your paintings with a monochromatic start
  • Work on top of an old painting
  • Explore glazing, transparent and opaque
  • Experiment with nontraditional tools for mark making
  • Discover new ways of using painter's tape in your work
  • Gather the patience to work in layers
  • Cultivate a steady mindset amidst the chaos of not knowing the end result
  • Let go of expectations
  • Use source materials as a guide
  • Finding the narrative in your painting rather than creating it
  • Discover your own personal process
  • Work in a limited palette and add color as needed


Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Prerecorded - Work at Your Own Pace

Cost - $129




In our first lesson, we will begin by working on a diptych.  A diptych is really two canvases, or panels that are meant to be one painting when put together.  We will begin with a grisaille painting, which is a monochromatic under painting.  This way of painting begins with a bit of a plan, but then we will move very slowly, building up layers and letting our intuition guide us.  I will share several tools that I use as I create layers, which include painters tape, scrapers, palette knives, a variety of brushes, wax, and more!  We will explore a lot of decision making, which will include deciding what to include, and what to cover up.  In the end you will have two paintings, that can be hung together, to create a beautiful, rich piece of art!



Our second lesson will begin in a much different way.  We will take an old painting, one that we started but never finished, and start anew.  We will study the painting and see with new eyes.  This approach will have us looking for a face or figure somewhere within the painting.  Once we find the face, we will again slowly build layers allowing the painting to reveal itself to us.  We will explore a lot of decision making again, which will include deciding what to include, and what to cover up.  For this piece, I used a similar palette to the diptych, so that all three could be hung on the same wall together, if desired.  In the end, you will learn two approaches to beginning a painting, and have a grouping of three to hang together!



StankaKordicHeadshot copy

Stanka Kordic graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1985 with a major in illustration and a minor in painting. in 1988 she left the commercial world of illustration to establish an art studio and devote her time to painting. Since 2009 she has concentrated on personal figure work. Her awards include the Gold Medal of Honor in Painting from Allied Artists of America and two Certificates of Excellence from the Portrait Society of America International Competition. Her work has been exhibited in venues nationally, among them, the National Arts Club and the Salmagundi Club, in New York City; and the Butler Institute of American Art, in Youngstown, Ohio. Her work is included in the book Disrupted Realism: Paintings for a Distracted World by John Seed, featuring works of artists from around the world.



This course will have a private Facebook group just for you!  This course is a self-study, so the teacher may or may not be active in the group.  However, students still sign up and you can see past and present work and comments.


Below is a list of the supplies that I will be using for the projects in this course.  However, you are always encouraged to use what you have on hand.   A quick note:  I use oils, but I do believe you could use acrylic paints with a glazing medium.  I do not know what you could use in place of the cold wax should you use acrylics.  Cold wax does not work with acrylic paint.


  • Rigid substrate of your choice (prepared Masonite, birch with some time of primer, linen mounted on board)
  • Brushes of your choice
  • Oil paint of your choice.  I am using oil paints in the following:
    • White (anything but zinc)
    • Naples yellow
    • Yellow ochre
    • Alizarin crimson
    • Ultramarine blue
    • W/N burnt sienna
    • Raw umber
    • Green gold
    • Kings blue
  • Alkyd medium of your choice for quicker dry time. I used Gamblin solvent free
  • Cold wax medium
  • Old credit card or a stiff card type scraper
  • Printmaking brayer with a sponge middle and coated outside
  • Sandpaper
  • Oil pencil (I used Jerry’s Jumbo Jet Black)
  • Wedge type tool
  • Anything else you would think would make an interesting mark
  • Painting tape
  • Solvent for clean up and the first, lean layer
  • Rags
  • Fingers


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**Please talk to the artist of the course about his/her policy on selling artwork created in this course prior to selling any works created during course.  Some artists will allow it, while others do not.  Thank you for your support.


  1. Cheryl Scott (verified owner)

    I have admired Stanka’s ethereal approach to realism for a very long time, but never hit the right combination of available time and money to take one of her workshops. When I saw that this course was,going,to be available, I jumped right in and I am so glad I did! I learned so much about letting the process be more intuitive. Stanka guides you to embrace not knowing exactly what’s next, trusting that one thing leads to another. . .if we let it. Her guidance is always with an eye to letting you find yourself as a painter. I enjoyed this class very much and I highly recommend it!

  2. Ellen Mastroberti (verified owner)

    Great class! Love to keep reviewing and the sharing on Facebook page. Very inspiring!

  3. Julie Lee (verified owner)

    Even though Stanka’s medium on this course is oils – and I worked with acrylics – this was still an incredibly inspiring and informative experience. It’s a great course if you want to explore with oils, but it’s by no means only for oil painters. As long as you use extenders like acrylic glaze mediums the acrylic will stay wet for a little longer, although it will still dry quicker than oils but you can adapt. Also there is a water-based cold wax medium substitute available, which I found worked very well with the acrylics and this technique. I found that this course enabled me to take my art to a new level. Stanka’s teaching is so relaxed and freeing, enabling you to access your imagination, develop your own style and take risks. I feel that I learned so much and that my approach to painting is now more confident and more imaginative and that I’m far more able to ‘go with the flow’.

  4. kathy reed (verified owner)

    Absolutely recommend this class. Stanka is a wonderful teacher….very real and honest….and fun! Her methods really helped me to loosen up and I love the paintings that resulted from this class.

  5. Libbi Corson (verified owner)

    What a fabulous class!! I highly recommend it. Stanka shows you how to lose edges, find hidden shapes in the paint and take BIG chances with fun tools. Ready to take a roller of paint and roll it across the face? Do it…so much fun and the results are amazing!! One of the best classes I’ve taken!

  6. Chrissie (verified owner)

    Stanka is a gifted artist and teacher! If you want to be more intuitive in your art and learn some fun techniques, then this is the class for you. Check this course out, you’ll be glad you did❤️

  7. Rachel Dionne (verified owner)

    Just loved it! Interesting also to come back to it when ever needed. Her simplicity of explaining makes it fun an easy. I very recommend ! Have fun!

  8. Denise Sedor (verified owner)

    I had the opportunity to see Stanka’s paintings, in person, in Philadelphia. When I saw she was giving this course, I jumped on it. Stanka is so generous with her thought process, techniques and painting style. She takes you through her process step-by-step which allows you to incorporate it into your own style in your own time. She gives you validation to loosen up and be more intuitive with the portrait. Thank you Stanka for a fantastic class!

  9. Holly Lewis (verified owner)

    This was the 4th picture I ever painted and although I knew it was way over my head, I’m so glad I did it. I learned so much and can carry some of these techniques with me as I continue to figure out what my style is. Such a gifted artist and always provided positive feedback to others.

  10. Vanya Allison (verified owner)

    Stanka’s paintings are very inspiring!
    She generously shares herself and her process!
    I am very glad I participated in her workshop….Thank you Stanka…Thank you Kara!

  11. Michele Bourquin (verified owner)

    I have followed Stanka for a long time now and have always had great admiration for her work. This course was a great opportunity to explore new techniques and break through old habits. I thoroughly enjoyed it a happily recomend it!

  12. Sherry Jacks (verified owner)

    I had admired Stanka’s work for several years but never thought I would have the nerve to disrupt a face. Stanka took my fear away. I have painted realistic portraits for many years. I wanted to free up and have fun painting. Stanka’s course was the perfect fit for me. Her relaxed & entertaining style of teaching is filled with much information. This class is well worth the cost. Thank you so much Stanka & Kara.

  13. Corinne Lee (verified owner)

    I felt this class was worth its weight in gold. It taught me to move through the process without judgement, through all its various stages, the good, the bad and the ugly. Innovation is the goal and her inspiration to be yourself through your art is a fun way to learn and feel free at the same time. Highly recommend this class and look for ward to more on Patreon. Thankyou, Thankyou Stanka for all your insight and readiness to share your thoughts and experiences.

  14. Elisa Colangeli (verified owner)

    Stanka is able to open the doors of your imagination. She helps you losing limits, boundaries, to explore a subconscious, but extremely effective, new way to approach portraiture. Highly recommended.

  15. Cynthia van der Hoogte (verified owner)

    For years I’ve been a huge fan of Stanka’s beautiful paintings, and I’ve always been wondering about her techniques that led to her wonderful work. So when I read about this course I immediately signed up. And it’s been wonderful. Not only does Stanka share her process by showing it and commenting on it, she does so in a wonderfully modest and loose way, so that it’s not only interesting but also fun! And what’s intriguing is that her process remains a mystery, even though you learn about the techniques, which you can incoporate in your own paintings. What she mostly learns is not so much a method but an approach to painting. If you take that approach, paiting will always remain a challenge, a mystery and a surprise. I have learned loads and have so enjoyed myself. It’s been like a opening a treasure box…. Many thanks, Stanka, for sharing!

  16. Susan Mortensen (verified owner)

    I have admired Stanka’s work for awhile now and was so excited that she was doing this online course! It was amazing! I learned so much. She gives you permission to follow your intuition. So much useful information.

  17. Helene Hawk (verified owner)

    If you’ve ever dreamed of sitting in a studio with Stanka while she paints, this is the class for you. I’ve been a huge fan of her work for years and watching her create and open up about her process is priceless. I love her work but the joy in this class is that you also get to experience her thought process. She is so generous and so enjoyable to watch. You can’t help but be inspired. I’m already watching it again. Thank you Stanka and Kara!

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