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  • Artist – Kimberly Santini
  • 10+ Hours of content
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  • Private FB Community
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Do you find yourself yearning to break free from traditional painting techniques?  Are you ready to embrace a more imaginative and expressive approach to art, merging the natural world with your inner landscape??


In this captivating class, Kimberly Kelly Santini shares her unique approach to art, combining animal forms with landscapes in her signature Talisman paintings. With contour drawing as the foundation, she explores expressive layering to meld diverse ideas into cohesive narratives. Students will discover Kim's techniques for starting paintings, engage in her dynamic "call and response" method for evolving artwork, and dive into her personal color strategies. By embracing spontaneity and utilizing digital tools, participants will learn to refine their artistic voice and evaluate their progress. Although spared from her singing and dancing, students will enjoy Kim's lively dialogue with her creations. The course encourages personal experimentation, whether by following Kim's examples or integrating her methods into one's own unique pieces, all while drawing inspiration from the enchanting blend of Momma Bears and the California landscape.




By the end of this course students will have an understanding of the following concepts:

  • Understand gesture, shape, and form basics over details
  • Explore layers from broad strokes to details
  • Integrate water-soluble tools with acrylics for dynamic compositions
  • Release expectations, remain open to evolving possibilities
  • Evaluate work continuously to enhance decision-making and growth.
  • Create unique compositions by sourcing from multiple references
  • Develop a personal visual language


Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Cost - $149


This course kicks off with an engaging warm-up, inviting you to connect with bears in their natural setting through a live, free-to-access video feed. From here you'll dive into the heart of intuitive art, guiding your creative process with your subconscious to merge distinct elements, like the spirit of Momma Bear with the vibrancy of the California landscape. You'll learn to release precise expectations and allow your imagination to lead, focusing on the essence rather than the exactness of your subjects. This approach encourages direct and spontaneous interaction with your work, fostering a deep and genuine connection.  You'll be prompted to trust your instincts, responding to the art as it unfolds and embracing the challenges and surprises that arise.


Next, we'll transition from sketches to paintings. Understanding the challenge of beginning a painting, I'm eager to share several techniques to kickstart your process. We'll explore three distinct approaches I call "starts." First, I'll show you how to repurpose an old painting as the foundation for a new creation. Then, we'll experiment with using text or intention as an underpainting layer. Lastly, we'll tackle initiating a painting on a blank panel, guiding you through these methods to find your own comfortable starting point.  Following our "starts" exercises, we'll revisit our initial sketches and select a few as the foundation for starting our bear paintings!


Once we have our starts completed, it's time to move into our paintings!  In this segment of the course, you'll learn the art of releasing expectations to embrace the natural evolution and cross-pollination of ideas. We'll explore how to critically view art in progress and devise strategic action plans for further development. By fostering associative thinking, you'll keep your mind actively engaged in the creative process. We'll also delve into the use of digital resources as invaluable tools for exploration, enhancing your artistic journey. Additionally, you'll create a "Must Haves List," identifying essential elements that resonate with your artistic vision, guiding you to cultivate a personal and meaningful approach to your work.

Concluding the course, we'll engage in the essential practices of final critique and comparison, designed to deepen your comprehension and recognition of your artistic development.  You'll learn to identify key takeaways from your experience, distilling valuable lessons and insights that can be applied to future projects. Emphasizing "The Gift of Time," this phase encourages patience and the understanding that artistic growth and skill development are processes that flourish with time, allowing you to fully absorb and implement the learnings from your journey.



Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Cost - $149



Kimberly Kelly Santini is a small town girl from the thumb of Michigan. She spent her childhood wandering the neighboring woods and farmland until suppertime, filling her head and sketchbook with the things she experienced.

She has a BFA in Painting and a BA in Art History from Michigan State University. She completed half of an MFA at California State, Los Angeles before leaving the program for health reasons. She has run her studio business since 2000.

Kimberly established a daily painting practice in 2006 ( For well over a decade she delivered 3-5 small commissioned portraits weekly while managing a waitlist over a year long. Her art is collected worldwide and has been exhibited to great success. She has worked with the American Kennel Club and was honored as the official artist of the 2015 Kentucky Derby. She continues to paint and teach from her home studio, along with community involvement and volunteerism. She is the parent of three adult children who grew up as integral parts of the studio (and were featured regularly in her PaingingaDogsDay blog sharing painting and life snippets).

Kimberly is a lifelong learner, always actively seeking experiences to guide her in raising the bar. She has studied with many artists over the years, but learned significantly from Vianna Szabo, Alyssa Monks, Anne Siems, Stuart Shils, Lynn Whipple, Stanka Kordic and Zoey Frank. She prefers books over TV or movies, loves long walks with the dogs and has become obsessed with gardening (roses and dahlias in particular).

She runs a membership program where students learn to align their lives and artwork in uniquely sasifcying way. Nothing gives her joy like students encountering ah-ha moments as they piece things together for themselves. She cannot wait to experience that with you!


This course will have a private Facebook group just for you!  The artist will be actively involved with the class via Facebook the first four weeks the course is open!  After that the course will be a self-study.  The artist may or may not be involved after the four weeks.  We are looking forward to seeing your artwork!


Below is a list of the supplies that I will be using for the projects in this course.  However, you are always encouraged to use what you have on hand. 


  • Canson Mixed Media paper, 11”x14”
  • Deli paper (or tracing paper)
  • Composite drawings from prior lesson
  • Hardboard, Jack Richeson flat panels 24x30


  • 2-3” and a 1” bristle brush
  • Rosemary Evergreen extra long flats, 12, 10 and 8 (or a flat synthetic brush like Utrecht Mangalons with a crisp edge, roughly 1” wide, 1/2” wide and 1/4” wide). Rosemary brushes are handmade in England and can be purchased in the States from distributors – a simple google search will help locate the one closest to you).


Golden heavy body paints

Drawing Tools


  • Golden isolation coat acrylic medium (or acrylic gel medium in a loose, brushable viscosity)
  • Rubber brayer, 6” (although any size is fine)
  • Mary Oliver poem, Among the Trees
  • Masterson sta-wet palette system for acrylic paints
  • Composition notebook (or sketchbook)
  • ipad, procreate app and an ipencil
  • painting critique worksheet
  • Masking tape



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  1. Barbara Polc (verified owner)

    Kimberly is an amazing artist, teacher + mentor. She is so very generous with her time and artist knowledge. Her thoughts on intuitive painting, responding to your own work as you make mark and lay down color, and amazing color mixing tips, make for a brilliant class!

  2. Kimberly Schols (verified owner)

    Kimberly was very generous with sharing her thought process. I learned a useful way to approach intuitive art making. It filled a hole in my art making. Kimberly was also responsive to all questions and very helpful – from the thoughts behind the work to materials. Great course!

  3. Angelique Gillespie (verified owner)

    For me, the many concepts Kimberly introduced were familiar in isolation. What she showed me personally, was how they could be interactive to strengthen my own painting process. There is a lot of amazing information in this course which is why it takes time to work through. One thing I did to help me at the end was to take the reviews and look at them sequentially AFTER watching her painting the individual bear modules. I learnt a lot when I stopped painting to watch Kimberly without distractions. Kimberly showed genuine concern for the learner as she shared her great wealth of knowledge. This was an amazing journey from her heart to “Let our Momma Bear ART shine”.

  4. Nicola Hodgson (verified owner)

    This is easily the best class I have ever taken! I thought I knew a fair amount about colour theory, design, etc., but hearing Kimberly express her thinking as she paints is illuminating. As a landscape painter, I have shied away from painting real objects as I felt it would be restrictive, but my love of Kimberly’s work prompted me to take a step into the unknown, and I was so wrong! Kimberly’s approach is liberating and fun. I can’t wait to see where this new journey in art takes me. If you want the perfect mix of theory and enjoyment from playing with paint, this is the perfect course.

  5. Mary-Lou MacDonald (verified owner)

    Kim and this class has truly inspired me to get painting! The way Kim is able to articulate what she is thinking and creating is unbelievable. (Especially when she is doing it as she paints!) It was fascinating to watch her paint and listen to the thought process that went into each and every mark she made. I am sure I will be rewatching all of the videos to see what I missed the first time around. First, I think I will give a painting a go as I am bursting with excitement and enthusiasm to create! Thank you so much Kim! and to Kara for facilitating this workshop!

  6. Jane Koerbel (verified owner)

    I have been taking online art classes for 3 1/2 years. This is the best class i have ever participated in. THe offering is amazing. Kim is not only an accomplished artist but an excellent teacher! i will watch these videos many times over. So rich in material. Thanks so much!

  7. Angelique Gillespie (verified owner)

    For me, the many concepts Kimberly introduced were familiar in isolation. What she showed me personally, was how they could be interactive to strengthen my own painting process. There is a lot of amazing information in this course which is why it takes time to work through. One thing I did to help me at the end was to take the reviews and look at them sequentially AFTER watching her painting the individual bear modules. I learnt a lot when I stopped painting to watch Kimberly without distractions. Kimberly showed genuine concern for the learner as she shared her great wealth of knowledge. This was an amazing journey from her heart to “Let our Momma Bear ART shine”.

  8. Kathi Baron (verified owner)

    Kim’s class, which I followed online without Facebook feedback, was a treasure trove of instructional method and inspiration. I may never be able to fully simulate her intuitive process to create such breathtakingly beautiful bears. However, I now have the tools and steps to create a multitude of projects in acrylic paint. Kim has the astounding ability to clearly articulate what she is doing and thinking to a wide audience. As I have watched and rewatched her demo videos, I have been able to absorb the many whys and hows of slowly evolving a satisfying painting that reflects the soul. The class outline and downloadable materials are beyond helpful. Over 20 years I have searched for such a course. It was worth five times what I paid. Thank you so much for this magnificent journey.

  9. Sandra Rice (verified owner)

    This class is so amazing, Kim is an incredible teacher. She teaches you to may your groundwork and see what emerges. It’s pushed me way out of my comfort zone and it’s exactly what I needed!

  10. Patricia Gombarcik (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this course. I think Kim was very giving of her thoughts and techniques. I really liked that she did 3 paintings. It really gives you a feel of how her methods flow through 3 different compositions. The 3 different ways of starting were great to watch, too. Often you’ll only see one painting with one way to start it, etc., but this added a lot of value to the course. I recommend it to anyone who wants to become more intuitive in their approach. (However, I do wish the Procreate videos had a voice over. I am so lost in that program and want to learn it. That was really an extra on this video so it’s not really a criticism.)

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