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  • Instructor – Nikol Wikman
  • Self-Study
  • 5 Lessons/4+ Hours of Instruction
  • Lifetime Access/Downloadable Content
  • Private Facebook Group
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In FEARLESS FLOWERS, I will share my techniques for painting bold, beautiful flowers in acrylics.  I love to have fun in the studio!  I believe that there are not mistakes!  If you don't like a piece it's just not finished yet!  In this course, we will discuss trusting intuition, letting go, and having a good time while painting.  We will experiment with different surfaces such as canvas, board, and paper with five projects ranging in size from SMALL to BIG!  I will also share my secrets to colour choices and mixing along with my favourite tools to create texture and interest to a piece.  Students will complete this course with the tools to create gorgeous floral art that is sure to make a statement!

Nikol Big Flowers



By the end of this course, students will have an understanding of the following concepts:


  • Letting go and having fun in the studio
  • Layering in acrylic paints
  • Mixing colors to create values and interest in a piece
  • Pushing through the "ugly phase"
  • Trusting and knowing how to continue to finish a piece that you don't like
  • Using a palette knife and other tools to create texture



This course is made up of five lessons!  In lesson one, we will paint a small floral on mixed media art board!  This is a quick, fun lesson, where I introduce my intuitive approach to painting!  After we warm up, we will move in to create three lessons with varying styles and techniques.  We will be inspired by cherry blossoms, a vase of flowers, and large floral pieces!  My last lesson is actually two pieces that I created.  This lesson is a great example of how I push through in many of my pieces even when things aren't going as easily as I had hoped for!  By the end of this course, you will have many beautiful floral pieces for your own home, or to share as gifts with the people that you love!

One Night Last Spring_Lesson2_FearlessFlowers_Nikol Wikman
Evening In The Tropics_Lesson 3_Fearless Flowers_NikolWikman


Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Prerecorded - Work at Your Own Pace

Cost - $49


Nikol Wikman - Headshot

My name is Nikol Wikman I live in Victoria, BC Canada with my husband and two children. I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. I loved art class in school and spent hours upon hours sketching. As I grew up I experimented with different creative avenues. I tried sewing, sculpting, took a stained glass course, beaded, made jewelry. Anything to feed the creative yearning in my soul. In my 20's I decided to try painting again (which I hadn't done since high school). I painted simple pieces for my apartment and loved it! It was so fun to grab a canvas, throw some paint on it and have my own unique piece of art! For a few years I painted here and there but nothing too serious. After my son was born I was struggling a little bit, lonely as a new mom. I decided to make a point of painting (almost) daily. It was one of the best decisions I ever made! In the studio(aka my dining room) I felt like I found myself again! I loved it so much I couldn't stop.

The process of playing with pure liquid colour does something to my heart that nothing else does. I never get bored of it. When I paint I feel joyful and free!

Eight years later I have painted hundreds(maybe even thousands!) of paintings. I have been able to connect and share my love of art with like minded souls from around the world. I've sent paintings to far off places I'll probably never get to visit myself! I feel so lucky and am grateful everyday for what art has brought into my life.



This course will have a private Facebook group just for you!  I will be actively involved with the class via Facebook for the week that the course opens, and an additional three weeks after!  So, if you do not get the projects completed right away, don’t worry!  I will still be here for you! 

Evening Glow_Lesson1_FearlessFlowers_NikolWikman


Below is a list of the supplies that I used for the projects in this course.  However, you are always encouraged to use what you have on hand.  You are not required to purchase any of the items listed below.

  • 18x24 300lb watercolor paper
  • 20x10 stretched canvas
  • Canson Mixed Media Art Board 8x10
  • Large Stretched canvas - I use 30x40"
  • Filbert brushes ranging in 1/4" - 1.5"
  • 1/2" Fan Brush
  • Palette knives
  • Pencil, charcoal, or graphite for sketching
  • Fineliner bottle
  • White oil pastel
  • White oil based Sharpie Paint Pen Fine Tip
  • Amsterdam Acrylic Paints
  • Buzz Acrylics
    • Cadmium Red Light Hue
    • Cadmium Yellow
  • Stevenson Acrylics
    • Titanium White
    • Quinacridone Violet
    • Metallic Gold
  • Opus Essential Acrylics
    • Ultra Marine
    • Hookers Green
  • Opus Essential Fluid Acrylics
    • Paynes Grey
    • Quinacridone Gold
  • Golden High Flow Fluid Acrylics
    • Transparent Red Iron Oxide
  • Golden Heavy Body
    • Pthalo Turquoise


**Upon purchasing your course, you will be asked to create an account and go through the purchase process (even if the cost is $0 for a free course).  If you have already created an account, after purchase your course will IMMEDIATELY be available under “LOGIN” at the top right-hand of karabullockart.com.

**If your course does not show up, please email us at karabullockart@gmail.com

**Due to the nature of the immediate availability of the course, all purchases are nonrefundable.

**Please talk to the artist of the course about his/her policy on selling artwork created in this course prior to selling any works created during course.  Some artists will allow it, while others do not.  Thank you for your support.

3 reviews for FEARLESS FLOWERS

  1. Noami Friedland (verified owner)

    Nikol is an inspiring art instructor who creates beautiful paintings of flowers. One is encouraged to be fearless in tackling larger paintings ! I also like her fun approach to art, and her videos are not too long and intimidating. The course is highly recommended.

  2. Joelene Mitchell (verified owner)

    A fantastic class learning Nikol’s loose style florals.
    Nikol makes this class so fun and easy to follow along with her beautiful impressionist style florals. And her energy is contagious.
    My 11 year old daughter has done some of the projects along with me and has thoroughly enjoyed letting go and having fun (her inner perfectionist fought hard at first until she learned there were no wrong decisions!).
    Within the class Nikol covers many different styles/versions which is amazing value, as I would have paid this just to learn how to paint the large peony!
    This will certainly be a class I refer back to again and again to loosen up and have some fun with paint & I hope is a style I explore further.

  3. janrose6939 (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved this class! Nikol has a very down to earth teaching style and gives great instructions on every step of her process. I was amazed at how much content there was in this class. She uses both small and large size canvas and makes learning fun! What I really enjoyed was the array of tools she uses including brushes, sponges and a palette knife. I would encourage anyone to take this class. You will love it!!

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