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  • Course Opens November 23rd!
  • Artist – Kim VanDerHoek
  • 7 Lessons/9+ Hours of content
  • Lifetime Access/Downloadable
  • Content Private FB Community
  • Artist available 11/23/22 – 12/23/22
  • Course Price – $149 All Sales Final
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Would You Love to Paint Multiple Barn Paintings for Your Wall, or to Give Away as Gifts?

Join KIM VANDERHOEK in BEAUTIFUL BARNS where you will learn how to design and compose five different beautiful, barn paintings!  These lessons will help you to take an everyday, drab painting, to a beautiful, juicy, well-composed painting, that anyone will want to dress their walls with, especially you!

Kim will guide you through every step of her painting process. She will begin the class sharing how to maximize a single reference photo so you can create many paintings from one image.  You will also explore a quick method for transferring your design onto canvas, gain an understanding of how large shapes create impact, and also simplifying color mixing choices using a split primary palette.  You will be excited to hear that Kim will be demonstrating how to use cold wax medium to add drama, where to put thick juicy paint using a palette knife, and which details are critical to each subject.  Finally, Kim will teach you how to paint a larger version of your most successful study. Find out how much fun painting barns can be!




By the end of this course students will have an understanding of the following concepts:

  • Learn to maximize a single reference photo.
  • Explore color mixing using a split primary palette.
  • Discover how big shapes create visual impact.
  • Unleash drama with cold wax and a palette knife.
  • Advance your knowledge through small studies.
  • Learn to create a larger painting from a study.
  • Understand which essential details add the finishing touch.


Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Cost - $149


We will begin this course with two warm-up lessons.  These lessons will give you some new composition and design ideas.  I will share ideas for cropping your images so you can use the same inspiration for more than one painting.  Next, I will share how I trace my image onto my canvas.  This is for those of you that want to get to the painting!

Our main lessons consist of four small studies and one larger painting.  In our first lesson you’ll practice painting clouds, a small barn surrounded by trees and green grass, and you’ll learn how to use cold wax medium and a palette knife to create dramatic texture.  For our second study you’ll practice painting a closer barn, larger trees, grass and a country road.  Our third study will have you practice painting a very simple barn, a single large tree and a meadow with juicy yellow flowers.    Finally, our last study we will switch up our palette and barn. You’ll see how to add interest to simple areas of color and also add weathering to your barn using a palette knife.


Now that you’ve practiced lots of barns you’ll choose one study to use as a guide for a larger painting.  I have chosen the one that I felt most drawn to, and most excited to paint in that moment.  However, I could see myself choosing any one of these small studies.  In fact, be on the look out over on my Instagram feed, because you will probably see them all show up at some point or another.  You may even see them in a different design/composition.  That is what this course is all about! 



Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Cost - $149



Kim VanDerHoek is an American contemporary fine artist who creates vibrant, textural oil paintings of landscapes and urban scenes in her Southern California studio.

Born in Southern California and raised in the mountains of Big Bear City, Kim spent many hours as a child climbing trees, sledding down snow-covered hills, horseback riding and hiking through the woods. Surrounded by the wild beauty of the forest Kim developed an early appreciation for the outdoors and a fascination for urban environments, which she continues to explore today through painting.

After graduating in 1993 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration from the California College of the Arts in Oakland, California, Kim worked as a graphic designer for 11 years. She left the design field to pursue a career as a full-time painter.

She learned to paint by painting en Plein Air because it combined her love of being outside, creating art and studying from life. “I enjoy the challenges Plein Air painting poses. Dealing with the weather, changing light and other hurdles of outdoor painting has forced me to to have a plan for each painting, to paint with commitment and to fearlessly experiment .” Kim feels that through Plein Air painting she has gained a better understanding of the effects of light and atmosphere. She aims to translate those effects into her studio paintings. Currently, she is working on a series of studio paintings documenting iconic bridges across the U.S.


This course will have a private Facebook group just for you!  The artist will be actively involved with the class via Facebook the first four weeks the course is open!  After that the course will be a self-study.  The artist may or may not be involved after the four weeks.  We are looking forward to seeing your artwork!


Below is a list of the supplies that I will be using for the projects in this course.  However, you are always encouraged to use what you have on hand. 



  • Brushes by Trekell - 
    • Opal Line of Brushes
    • Flat 4000F Series in sizes 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 (12 is optional)
    • Bright 4000B Series in size 0
    • Filbert 4000KF Series in size 4
    • Princeton Artist Brush Co.
    • Summit Series Liner in size 4




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  1. Amy Dibner (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed Beautiful Barns with Kim Vanderhoek! I signed up for it not for painting barns in particular (although that was fun!) but because Kim is an excellent teacher of painting landscapes, with lots of clues for applying to landscapes in general, and practical suggestions for oil painting in general. I learned things like the change of the color of the sky as it approaches the horizon, cloud colors, and getting thick paint onto the painting using cold wax and a palette knife. All applicable to landscape paintings in general! I took this course as a self-imposed break from portraits in Let’s Face It 2024 as I want to also develop the landscape painter in me. Highly recommend!

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