"I hope you will learn as much as you can, and I hope you will make it yours.  Pick what is useful with your own style and your own project because what is important is to let our mind and soul reelaborate on other artists' creative input."

In her portraiture, Rosso Emerald Crimson renders female subjects who emerge through a haze of pastels and muted tones.

The artist often depicts the women and girls staring forward with unsmiling expressions and are reimagined within timeless landscapes.

Technically, while the portrayal of the figures is achieved by a meticulous rendering using traditional oil painting techniques, the deconstruction (and reconstruction) of the surrounding derives from the juxtaposition of different media, including spray paint, vigorous scraping and scratching of the surface and application of metal leaf and gilding. The creative process is deliberately chaotic in the making yet geared towards the achievement of a sense of harmony and a visually engaging imagery.

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What you will learn in Rosso's upcoming course, CREATIVE FIGURE PAINTING, are techniques that she is currently using to create.  She will take you through her entire process, right from the inception of an idea her mind to the final strokes that bring the painting to life. We will explore every step together, ensuring that the painting reaches a level of completion that is gallery-worthy or ready to be cherished by a collector.  Throughout this workshop, Rosso will break down both her creative and painting processes, allowing you to grasp the essence of each. Her intention is for you to absorb as much knowledge as possible and adapt it to your own style or project. Remember, the key is to make it your own and select the elements that resonate with you.  By embracing different perspectives, we can unlock new realms of artistic expression and truly flourish in our own artistic endeavors.

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Class opens August 23rd!  We hope to see you join the class and learn more about Holly and his mixed media artwork!  Early Bird pricing is available through August 9!



Please share in the comments below what you would like to learn in this course!  We cannot wait to see the student work come from Rosso's teachings!  We sure hope to see you in class!


Big hugs!



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    I admire Crimson vvery much and what every she has to teach its an honor. xoxo Ines

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