"It's all about the people and the process of sketching and connecting to those people, and whatever format it is in, whatever scale, whatever medium, I really enjoy it!"

I've enjoyed drawing as long as I can remember. As a child there was always space and encouragement for creative pursuits.  After much wandering of the world and various jobs at age 28 I decided to apply myself to my artistic development. Since then it's been a journey of learning to see, discovering the deep connection possible through making art and sharing that experience with others.

Now at age 40 my wanderings of the artistic journey have led me to focus almost entirely on portraiture. I love people and in it's ideal expression to me portraiture is an exploring of our shared experience mark by mark and face by face. My path has led me to drawing on and offline with thousands of people, teaching and sharing my passion, painting large portraits on buildings, illustrating magazines and books and regular livestreaming.

Dylan Sara - adam driver
Dylan Sara - idris elba
Dylan Sara - naomi campbell

I live in Germany with my dear wife and three children aged between 5 and 10. Incorporated within and beyond my art and art business my life is one of service to them. We're all most in our element in nature, sharing and cultivating a love of our home, the world around us.


My parents and sister live in Australia, where I was raised. Though we can rarely spend time together physically I'm thankful how close we are.
Shannon Hagen is a great friend of mine and together we created the Drawn Together show. A podcast, draw-along, livestream. With the show we've been blessed to talk with many artists we admire and share that inspiration.

Fun Facts:

  • Over the years I've worked as a flute builder, beekeeper, construction worker, youth worker, seed counter and high seas high school teacher amongst other things.
  • I studied to become an architect, graduated and never worked in the field.
  • Our three kids were born at home.
  • I own and occasionally play many instruments and am a master of none.
  • I love ice bathing and only shower in cold water.

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Class opens March 27th!  We hope to see you join the class and learn more about Dylan and his watercolor techniques!  Early Bird pricing is available through March 12th!