"What is it that connects you to your art?  Think about that.  And then what is it that connects others to your art?  And you might say that it's your expertise and the way that I can render something to make it look exactly like it is.  Or maybe its your color choice or your palette.  Or maybe its your unique brushstrokes or your mark-making.  It could be all of these things.  But, I would say there's probably one more thing that is true in both cases, what connects you, as well as your viewer, to your art, is emotion."

Patrick’s artistic journey has been long and varied. Drawing and painting have always been his mainstay, but for a while, he was a wedding and portrait photographer. That was back when film and darkrooms were the norm. Although he doesn’t pick up a camera as often these days, creating images is still the language that helps him best understand his life. Holding true to his history in portraiture, his work in various media is comprised mostly of faces.

Almost a decade ago, he left the city of Denver for the wilds of New Mexico, where he says the desert informs and often confuses him. But it is through this dichotomy that much of his recent work has surfaced.

His ongoing project Morning Sketches has lasted several years. The project is simply a pencil sketch of a face (some say the same face) posted nearly every morning on Instagram. It came about one morning as he was trying to decipher a dream from the night before. His lifelong habit of journaling just didn’t suffice. In 2018 he self published an ebook called Morning Sketches: Drawings, Thoughts, Time. It loosely chronicles the journey of the project and is available for free from his website.

Patrick lives and works in the desert outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife, Nichole and their canine friend, Maggie.


In his new course, THE INNER MUSE, Patrick opens up the opportunity for you to consciously look more closely at your artwork and your art making process. It's a chance for you to investigate what it is that excites you about your art and just what it is that excites others about your work. And how you can use this knowledge to further your artistic journey. This all relates to what I call the inner muse. It's that special something inside of you that guides you in your work. It helps you develop work that is uniquely yours. It helps you develop your own style.

Patrick will share with you his approach and process. And he will try to share how he lets his inner muse guide him. Patrick is excited and honored to be a part of your artistic journey. He hopes to see you in class!

Blog with Patrick Greenwell Second

Class opens April 12th!  We hope to see you join the class and learn more about Holly and his mixed media artwork!  Early Bird pricing is available through March 22nd!


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