"I just remember having a really hard day, one day, after teaching....One of the teachers next door had given me some scrap paper.  I think I pulled out some words from a magazine, and the words I spelled out were "Here and Now" and it was just me trying to be in that moment, and to trust God in that moment and that He knew what He was doing, and that I was going to be okay.  It was my way of dealing with what I was feeling."

We are so excited to offer another course with one of our community's favorite teachers, Holly Beals!  I can't even remember how I found Holly, probably perusing Instagram, but I have to say, I am so HAPPY that I did! 

In Holly's latest class, course, COASTAL LANDSCAPES, you will learn all of her favorite techniques for creating mixed media, landscapes.  You will explore a way of making art that is super accessible, and can be done by anyone!  Holly will inspire you to take inspiration from your own backyard, and create artwork full of texture, color and LIFE!  These methods and techniques can easily be adapted to use in all different types of artwork, including portraits, figures, and more!

If you like what you see in these images, but are drawn more to portrait and figurative artwork, you might be interested in learning more about Holly's class ACRYLIC AND COLLAGE FIGURE PAINTING.  Holly uses a very similar technique in this class, only her inspiration is drawn from people that she has photographed on her own.  Learn more about finding and using your own inspiration to create unique artwork that tells your own story!

Holly's COASTAL LANDSCAPES opens March 8th!  We hope to see you join the class and learn more about Holly and his mixed media artwork!  Early Bird pricing is available through February 21st!


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