Faces are Interesting. People are Interesting. They Carry a Message with Them.

"Faces are really interesting.  People are interesting.  They carry a message with them, and I like to try to capture the emotion of the person, and the mood."  More on finding the right reference and being an empath, below!

Deanna Strachan-Wilson is an artist that wants to play and create art the way that she wants to create!  She has always had a creative outlet over the years, but ten years ago, Deanna realized that art allowed her to express herself.  At the time, it helped her with things that were happening in her life, it gave her brain rest, and it was a playful way to spend her time.  Since that time she has tried to make art a regular part of her routine.  She explored many different mediums throughout the years, and found that watercolor fits her lifestyle best because it dries fast!  Watercolor fits into her busy life of working a full-time job, and spending time with her husband in the outdoors.

What you will learn in Deanna's upcoming course, WATERCOLORS WITH A MESSAGE, are techniques that she is currently using to create.  She enjoys having texture and an image with an interesting perspective.  She will share ways for you to come up with messages for your art that connect with you and your unique experiences.


Class opens March 16th!  We hope to see you join the class and learn more about Deanna and her watercolor techniques!  Early Bird pricing is available through March 2nd!


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