Sharon Ann Canzi

I am a fairly new mixed media/portrait artist and I have to say that I am absolutely thrilled with the classes that are offered. They are exceptionally well recorded and easy to follow and understand. I must admit I have signed up for almost all of them because I love them so much. I am in Ontario, Canada so I am not able to get to the live workshops easily. I have learned so much and I value the material, the content and the great teachers. I find that in comparison to some other courses these classes are comprehensive, clear, concise and affordable which is an added bonus. Kara is generous with her sales as well and really encourages us as students to jump in, learn and create. I love making portraits and I find that these courses are highly valuable for a new beginner trying to learn how to draw the face. I have really seen a difference in my art since I started and contribute a lot of this development to my participation in the classes. I am even getting requests to make art for other people which is way beyond my expectations. I highly recommend taking them!! You will learn so much and you will be so happy you treated yourself to professional training and great artists. And being a part of a community is so encouraging. We all grow together and the feeling of support is always there. I am truly happy I found you Kara Bullock!!!