Heather Lippincott Foust

I have been so lucky to have met Kara on Facebook. She was the first person to approach me to teach an online class. I believe the first time she contacted me I told her that I was not ready, but not to give up on me. Well she did not…. And I am so grateful. I not only was able to teach my very first online class with Let Face It 2017 on Kara’s network but I also was able to teach 2 individual classes. A Life Full Of Color and also Wild Flowers and Friends. I will forever be grateful for Kara’s mentoring and giving me that little nudge to get me going on my way. Viola my career in teaching began!!
Also the classes in Lets Face It are one of the most creative classes for portraits that I have ever taken. Seeing so many teachers with all kinds of different styles helping you find your own.

Thank you Kara for all you do…..