Cary Scholes

I have learned more than I can explain from the classes taken on Kara’s network. I tend to draw whimsical girls (which I love!) but taking classes such as Let’s Face is and The Art of the Sisterhood have helped me stretch my artistic muscles and try new things. I love that the classes I’ve taken are available forever. I also love the way the students in every class come together – helping and supporting one another the whole way! The Facebook groups for each class are so lovely – everyone is extremely kind to one another, yet there is also constructive assistance given if asked for. I have made so many friends in each course. I even got to meet some of them in October when I was able to join an in-person retreat with Ivy Newport. It was wonderful, and I feel like the friendships I’ve made are lasting. It’s great to have something in common with so many other people. It has been so fun to learn different techniques and how to produce art with so many different mediums. Even if something is not “my cup of tea”, I am still very grateful to have been introduced to it. I will always be grateful for what I have learned and what I will continue to learn!

Thank you Kara!