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I have been studying various masters this year as we focus on different art movements in Let's Face It 2018.  As I was studying Mary Cassatt, I learned that Mary was inspired by what was happening around her. So, as I was having some free time in my studio, I decided to think about my own life and what was happening around me.  As a mother, the Stoneman Douglas shootings have been on my mind, along with the other situations lately, and so Emma Gonzalez came to mind. Her passion and determination have been so influential on many in a very short time. She is young and has had to experience something that we would never wish for ourselves and especially not for our youth. She is passionate about fighting for what she believes in and how we can help save lives in the future.


As far as my artwork goes, I wanted to stay true to myself, but chose bright, yet soft palette and didn’t not include all of the details in the subject, Emma. In Cassatt’s work, she would often leave a lot of the body incomplete, or other parts of her pieces, such as a hat or part of the imagery in the background. In my own piece, Emma’s face is completed, but her body is incomplete, and sort of fades into the background of the painting.


I don't usually paint artwork related to politics, but was drawn to create this piece.   I decided to leave it from the classroom, and have it be a free lesson for those of you interested in viewing it.  Please keep in mind that this is a copyrighted image, and cannot be recreated and sold for profits without permission.


If you do decide to completed this lesson, I would love to see you post her in our Artists' Community!

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Emma - The Sketch

Emma - Notan

Emma - The Face

Emma - The Face Continued

Emma - Background and Details

Emma - Final Details

Emma - Final Details

Dearest Friends,


Thank you so much for viewing my lesson!  I sure hope that you followed along and that it has inspired you to create and continue on your own creative path!  I would love to see you in one of our other courses!  We truly have something for everyone and would like to offer you 30% off of your next class!  Just use the promo code CREATE.  Sure hope to see you in class or in our Artists' Community!



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