Muriel Stegers

10409192_10200779127237738_1969999040102549821_nI love doing faces because it makes me feel I bring something to life.. it’s like giving my emotions/feelings a face. Instead of them being something, they become someone. And then the coloring and shading of a face is like meditation. I get lost in that moment.. my mind clears of everything and there is only that moment in time… everything stands still.. I love being in that state of consciousness ♡♡


My name is Muriel Stegers and i was born in the great city of Amsterdam. . I’ll be turning 38 this August and have two beautiful daughters. I have a part time job, 30 hours a week, in insurance and a full time job raising my girls to be strong independent and unique women. I have always been a creative soul according to my surroundings.  I discovered art journaling and mixed media about a year and a half ago… started a group on Facebook to get together with more Dutch people and learn more about this thing.  I have lost my soul ever since. ♡  It has done more for me then any therapy could.  I have dared myself in more ways than I could hold possible and created more then I could ever dream of.  It made me new and whole again at the same time. What I value the most after this time is that mixed media art needs no confirmation anymore.  I learned to let go of other people’s opinions and there is no feeling more liberating.  We all want the acceptance of others but when you let go of this perception in your art, amazing things happen. I am no longer scared.  If there is anything I can teach to another person this would be it. I can share my story and be of help…the rest will follow by itself because it’s already there. I would love to meet you here at Let’s Face It.. ♡

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