LFI Registration Opens Oct 8
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WHOOT!  WHOOT!  Let's Face It 2019 goes on sale in just three days!  I cannot believe it!  Sign up on the first day and enter the chance to win one of many AMAZING prizes!!!  ANYONE that signs up on the first day that registration opens will be entered into a drawing.  Names will be randomly chosen from a hat!  View the fantabulous prizes below!



GIVE AWAY 1 - Limited edition print by Robert Kelley, Nitram Charcoal set, and Big Stick Charcoal pack

GIVE AWAY 2 - Melinda Cootsona class and Oil Paint samples

GIVE AWAY 3 - COLOR FLOW book by Ivy Newport

GIVE AWAY 4 - Limited edition print by Jennifer Bonneteau and Oil Paint samples

GIVE AWAY 5 - Any Angela Kennedy class of your choice

GIVE AWAY 6 - Five post cards by Marina Teding van Berkhout and Oil Paint samples

GIVE AWAY 7 - Digital print by Joan Martin, Nitram apron and charcoal kit, and big stick charcoal set

GIVE AWAY 8 - Post card set by Leo-Vinh Beauvois, and three post cards by Marina Teding van Berkhout

GIVE AWAY 9 - Any Kate Thompson class and a big stick charcoal set.

GIVE AWAY 10 - Pixelated Portraits Class and 9 postcards

GIVE AWAY 11 - Three original 5x7s by Lucy Cooke

GIVE AWAY 12 - Original Kara Bullock Painting




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