Being True…

Good morning world!  I am so excited about this current piece that I am working on.  This last year has been quite an experience for me.  I rediscovered art and have been spending so much time discovering who I am as an artist.  I really want to be true to myself as an artist, but that leaves me asking myself so many questions.  What do I want to do with this art journey?  Where do I want it to lead me?  What is my goal?  What is my style?  What message do I want to send to others?  There are so many questions, and I have to be honest, I don’t have the answers yet.  I do know that I want to encourage and inspire others to be true to themselves, to know that they are loved, to know that they matter, to know that even when life gets tough it will be okay, etc.  These are messages that I want to send out.  I want to make little (and big) reminders for people to hang on their walls.  I am really drawn to bright colors.  As I look at other artists that I really love, I know that not always are bright colors being used.  Sometimes I think to myself that I better tone it down a bit.  For some reason, I always end up back on the bright side.  I have come to realize (through the current piece I am working on) that I am drawn to the bright colors because they feel so happy and uplifting, and that is exactly what I want my pieces to feel like.  So, today, I have answered one of my questions!  I want my art to be bright and uplifting, so, I will continue on in the bright colors that make me feel so happy!  I can’t wait to finish this piece and share it with all of you!!  Stay tuned….


  1. Deana on January 15, 2015 at 9:38 AM


  2. karabullockart on January 15, 2015 at 9:41 AM

    Thank you, Deanna! 🙂

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