I feel a new series coming on…

2015-01-10 21.47.412015-01-11 08.27.392015-01-13 11.32.13

I cannot believe that we are already in the middle of January!  Times just seems to fly quicker and quicker with each passing day.  My children are growing so fast, and I am not getting any younger.  It really makes me think about each passing moment and how I want to hold on to “right now” so tightly!  Lately, I have felt so emotional about my children as I watch them grow.  The art that is coming from me right now resembles the emotions that I feel for my family, my children, and my life.  I can’t seem to shut off the emotions, so I am letting them flow onto the canvas and I am really liking what I see.  I can’t stop “real” time, but I sure can capture the feelings and the “right now” on my canvas!

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