Telling a Story

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I shared in my last blog how I am trying to figure out where I want to go with my art.  Well, I think I have figured it out!  What makes me happy?  I love hearing your stories, whether good or bad, I want to hear them, listen to them, pray for you, celebrate with you, etc.  I have learned from my own experiences that along with the bad in life, comes the good.  It is always there, sometimes we have to look for it.  So, with all of that being said, where am I going with my art?  The last several pieces that I have worked on have told some type of story about love.  Sharing my thoughts about life and love and it has really made me so happy.  I wanted to give you a sneak peak at the next series I have started.  This is the story of a journey to find love.  A story of waiting, a story of being patient, a story of finding a possibility, and then, finally , a story of saying “yes” to love!  I am very excited about these pieces, and think that some of you will know who my muse for this series is once I share more of the pieces.  I am also sharing a bit of my process.  What you see in these pictures are the very bottom layers of my pieces.  I start with a box canvas and then mod podge a layer of paper onto the board.  I will include words to go along with my pieces, in this case, words about journey and love.  Be on the look out later this week to view the completed pieces, I hope!  These will also be on display at my art event on Feb. 6 at the RAW show at the Yost Theater.  I have to say that pictures really don’t do mixed media justice…would be fun to see you all there!

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