Let’s Face It ATC Swap – November

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For the swap, you are required to create 2 ATCs for your partner.  The ATC should be a 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 card.  You can use playing cards and gesso them, then paint them.  This is a great way to create your cards.  Pinterest has some great ideas for ATCs.  There are no requirements for this Swap.  While the class does focus on faces/people, I want you to have creative liberty with your final swap.  So, just have fun!

Here is a quick tutorial on making an ATC by our very own Angela Kennedy!

Download Video Here

***Do not show your ATCs before sending them to your partner.  We want them to be a surprise.

Here are the partners for the next ATC swap!!  Please send your ATCs to your partner the week of November 28th!

Ziek Paterniti

Julie Stenning

Angie Cortes Stephanie Cogburn Cotter
Nina Fontana Heather Mader
Claire Terrier Terri McRae Mitchell
Cristel Casteleyn Terry Vihlen
Barbara Sartain Karen Regina
Helen Grossman Fran Schlosser
Wendy McCarthy Biruta Morozevicius
Jane Schneider Audrea Gustafson
Tori Allen Jane Strand
Gina Aitken Corie Gochicoa
Ann McCullough Julie Schofield
Regina Wolters Chrystal Logan
Cindy Ceroky Sandra Moreano
Teri Buczkowski Sheila Litman
LeeAnne Washburn Li Li Wee
Carolyn Eitel Carola Lugtigheid
Dawn Robertson Nancy Bennett
Irene Bailey Lani McPherson
Terry Honstead Sarah Young
Rossana Russo Kathy Ann Russo
Fairygirl Gema Shannon Lasserre-Cortez
Marielle Van ‘t Wout Kylie Fowler
Heidi Envall Kimberly Brown
Marguerite Quinones Annica Jader
Sandy Kelley Helene Halle
Sharyn Illman   and  Vivan Rad  and  Marie-Andree Farley