Immerse Yourself into the Beauty of Landscape

Explore various styles and approaches as you learn to capture the beauty of nature on canvas.


Master Landscape Painting with These Classes

Join other artists on a scenic journey through our exclusive artistic pathway tailored to nurture your skills in the timeless art of landscape painting. Our carefully curated courses are crafted to equip artists, both novice and seasoned, with the essential techniques and insights needed to capture the beauty of nature on canvas.  Guided by seasoned instructors, you'll explore various styles and approaches, gaining proficiency in capturing the essence of different landscapes.

Each artist takes a different approach in his/her methods.  To learn more about the specific details for each course click on the images below.

Kim Vanderhoek

In Essential Landscapes, Kim will teach you the essentials needed to paint landscapes.

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Holly Beals

Holly will demonstrate her methods for creating mixed-media landscapes.

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Nikol Wikman

Master painting intuitive landscapes with Nikol Wikman in this course.

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Learn to Paint Trees to Add to Any Landscape

Learn to transform simple shapes into trees and become a master at mixing greens for your landscapes!  Try this course with Kim Vanderhoek - Terrific Trees.


Check Out Other Pathways

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Explore the Still Life

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Fun with Florals

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Mixed Media

Learn to think outside the box and explore creating mixed media artwork.

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