Dive into Still Life Painting

Deepen your understanding of setting up the still life, painting, adding pattern, and more!


Master Still Life Painting with These Classes

If you have a passion for still life and desire to deepen your understanding of setting up, painting, and more, then this pathway is tailor-made for you! We've curated a selection of the finest still life artists and classes available to help you master this subject. Embark on these courses to enhance and refine your own still life skills today!

Each artist takes a different approach in his/her methods.  To learn more about the specific details for each course click on the images below.

Sarah Sedwick

Sarah is the queen of still life!  We have many classes with her including Intro to Oils.

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Tracy Everly

Tracy will demonstrate hers techniques for painting the still life in your own home.

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Natasha Ruschka

Master the art of mixing pattern with still life in Pattern Play with Natasha.

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Bundle Up and Save

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Discover New and Exciting Exercises to Develop Your Work

If you like to try varying exercises and technique to strengthen and develop your skill, Sarah Sedwick is your girl?  Try this course with Sarah Sedwick - The Dynamic Still Life.


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