Discover the Fun in Florals

Gain confidence and hone your skills in the art of portraiture.


Master Portrait Drawing with These Classes

Step into the blooming realm of floral artistry with our exclusive artistic pathway, meticulously designed to impart the essential skills needed for painting vibrant and captivating florals. These tailored courses serve as a botanical masterclass, guiding artists of all levels through the nuanced techniques and intricacies of bringing flowers to life on canvas.  Under the guidance of seasoned artists, you'll explore diverse floral styles and learn to infuse your creations with a touch of botanical magic.

Each artist takes a different approach in his/her methods.  To learn more about the specific details for each course click on the images below.

Ruschka - Fresh and Fabulous Florals Promo

Natasha Ruschka

In Fresh and Fabulous Florals, Natasha will teach her methods for painting florals.

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Nikol Wikman

Nikol will demonstrate her techniques for painting giant florals on canvas.

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Lucy Thomas

Master the art of painting fast and loose flowers in this course with Lucy.

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Create Florals using Pastels

Would you like to experiment with using pastels in your floral work?  Try this course with Sherry Woodward - Coming into Bloom.

SWoodward - Lesson 6 Sunlit Roses Final

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