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  • Instructor – Lucy Thomas
  • 7 Lessons/5+ Hours of Instruction
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  • Private Group
  • Course Price – $79
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Would You Like to Learn to Paint Flowers in a Fast and Loose Way?  Are You Ready to Feel Joy Every Time You Paint?

Join Lucy Thomas in her debut course, FLOWERS - FAST AND LOOSE.  Lucy loves to paint flowers. Even when she plans to paint something else, flowers come out. Whether you are brand new to painting with acrylics or an old pro, you’ll find something new here to add to your painting bag of tricks. In this class, we will explore painting ideas and exercises that will encourage a fresh approach to painting flowers. We will talk about choices in composition and color and Lucy will also give you some concrete actions (that she uses herself!) that will help you produce looser work that is more contemporary and exciting to the viewer.  We hope to see you in class!

  • Discover basic concepts of making a flower arrangements to paint from
  • Loosen up your current painting style with 5 specific actions.
  • Explore the fundamentals of negative space painting
  • Learn to see the “Big Picture” and become less detail-oriented.
  • Make impactful color choices with the help of the color wheel.
  • Layer acrylic paint and get dimension and depth.
  • Use light and shadow to add weight and validity to your work.
  • Experiment with painting water in a vase of flowers and which vases work best.
  • Work from multiple types of subjects and add from your imagination.


Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Cost - $79


I have been a florist for more than 30 years and own a small flower shop in my home town. I need to purchase larger quantities of flowers several times a week. This is just a chance for you to see what a Wholesale Floral Company looks like on the inside!  I will show you how to make a simple flower arrangement that will be good subject matter for painting. We will discuss the different shapes and colors of flowers and the types of vases that make a successful arrangement.

In the first lesson you will learn how I paint blue delphinium flowers as a basis for painting other flowers that are a similar shape. In flower arranging lingo straight, tall stems of flowers are called line flowers and delphinium is a line flower.  You will also learn how to block in colors from light to dark and how to layer similar colors on top of each other without losing your original layer.  We will go over the elements of painting in negative space including how to pick a base color to tone canvas and a final color to use in the negative space that is left in the area around the subject.  Lastly, you will learn how to add something to a painting that wasn’t in the original subject. In this case, we add a hydrangea to our existing painting.

FAFF Delphinium Double New
FFAF Sunflower Painting

Our third painting lesson will focus on painting a sunflower in a vase using negative shape painting technique.  A sunflower is a focal flower in a fresh arrangement. Sometimes these important blooms are called “face” flowers. We will paint a sunflower from dark to light colors in a loose painterly style. Other fresh flowers that are used as focal face flowers that I like to paint are hydrangeas as we painted in the last segment, Gerbera dashes and lilies. We will learn how to block in color from light to dark, and revisit many of the tips and tricks from lessons 1 and 2.

For our final painting lesson we will paint a mixed, floral arrangement.  We will use the negative shape painting technique. For this project I will paint, from start to finish, a fresh flower arrangement using the flowers we have painted together in earlier segments.  You are encouraged to create your own arrangement to paint from, but I will offer several reference photos for you if you are not able to get your hands on fresh flowers!  In class, I will also share photos of arrangements, and paintings that I created from those photos, that were not on film.  You will gain a ton of ideas and inspiration from this course!


Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Cost - $79



I didn't discover my passion or ability for painting until I was almost 50. I'm a late bloomer but I catch up fast!


I love flowers...painting them, arranging them, planting them, studying them and talking about them. Though painting takes up the majority of my time now, I own a small flower shop in my hometown where I can get my fresh flower fix whenever I need one. I have shown my work in galleries across the Southeast and teach art, in person, at the Huntsville Museum of Art in Huntsville, Alabama.


My blended family includes my ridiculously handsome husband, my son, who lives to fish, three lively stepsons, two black cats and a one of a kind dog we affectionately call Crazy Paws.




This course will have a private Facebook group just for you!  Lucy will be actively involved with the class via Facebook during the four weeks that the course is open!  I am really excited about working through these exercises with each of you!


Below is a list of the supplies I will be using in class.  However, you are always encouraged to use what you have on hand.


  • 10x10 stretched canvas or other square canvas of your choice as long as it is 10x10 or larger for sunflower painting
  • 11x14 stretched canvas or rectangular canvas of your choice, 11x14 or Larger for delphinium painting
  • 1 rectangular stretched canvas, 20x20, 18 x24 or similar size



  • Flats and brights: Size #8,10 and up various sizes up to 2inches in width. Inexpensive multipacks of flat (flat edge) brushes made for acrylic paint are fine.


  • Paper Towels
  • Water to rinse brushes
  • Spray Bottle with Water (to spray off mistakes while the paint is still wet.)
  • Palette or something to mix paint on (a sheet of plastic on a table works!)
  • Easel sized to fit chosen canvas


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**Please talk to the artist of the course about his/her policy on selling artwork created in this course prior to selling any works created during course.  Some artists will allow it, while others do not.  Thank you for your support.

30 reviews for FLORALS – FAST AND LOOSE

  1. Patricia M Carey (verified owner)

    What a phenomenal class with such a unique perspective! Love it and look forward to future classes with Lucy. If you love florals, you must sign up for this class!

  2. Susan Robbie (verified owner)

    I love both Lucy’s teaching style and her fabulous art style. I am totally enjoying this class and fingers crossed she will offer another class soon! Her teaching is so clear and understandable sharing all that she can to help both beginners as well as seasoned artists looking to loosen up. So happy I signed up!!!!

  3. Brenda McDougall (verified owner)

    Lucy is a delight. I love her approach and choice of colors. I am glad she doesn’t get technical and follow the rules. I like her attitude and her video of the flower shop. I am not in the habit of painting a floral arrangement still life. She explained how to set up a still life which I now do. I will take any class she might offer.

  4. Julie Bernier (verified owner)

    I loved EVERYTHING about this class! Lucy is a relaxed, unfussy instructor who makes you feel comfortable whether you’re a beginner or an experienced painter. Her course helped me have the confidence to start “drawing” with my paintbrush in a loose way and I’m continuing to use that new skill in my work. The course also exposed me to the use of fluid acrylics, which I probably never would’ve tried…and I LOVE how easy it is to build translucent layers on flowers using this paint. And I tried the softer brushes Lucy uses and love them. They make crisp, clean edges when you paint in the negative space around a floral arrangement. I even tried my hand at making my own floral arrangements to paint from after watching Lucy do it! I anxiously await more courses with her and will sign up immediately. My work is already improved because of what I learned from her, and HER work is incredibly inspiring. She makes painting seem like a breeze and her ease and calm demeanor got me to jumpr right in and follow along! I relaxed and had fun and painted faster and looser and really enjoyed it!

  5. Kathy Gilder (verified owner)

    What a wonderful experience! As a true beginner, I learned (and continue to learn) so much. Loved having the FB group to share with classmates. Can’t wait for Lucy’s next class.

  6. Donna Jackson (verified owner)

    Loved the subject matter but most of all I REALLY enjoyed Lucy’s down-to-earth Alabama take on instruction. The tour of a flower warehouse and flower arranging instruction was a bonus. I learned a bunch! Would definitely consider another floral or would love to sign up for a landscape tutorial.

  7. Pamela Driver (verified owner)

    I loved this class! Lucy’s teaching style is uncomplicated and easy to follow. I am perhaps an intermediate level artist and I found the lessons really helpful, enjoyable and informative but they would suit painters at any level. It is great value too. I would like to see more classes from Lucy – More florals; Interesting backgrounds and Landscapes (maybe with flowers).I would certainly recommend this class. It’s a YES from me.

  8. Cindy Frye (verified owner)

    If you love Lucy’s fun colorful style of painting, then this class is a must! Lucy’s relaxed way of teaching makes you feel very comfortable and excited to start painting. She included a video of the flower mart that was extensive, showing you everything from a multitude of fresh flowers to what supplies professional florists use to make their beautiful arrangements. Lucy shows you how to arrange your own bouquet and paint it. This class had a wealth of information. When she offers another class I can’t wait to take it.

  9. Terri Stovall (verified owner)

    Great class! Easy, fun and informative. I learned new techniques, and became more comfortable using the fluid acrylics. I can’t wait for Lucy’s next class!

  10. Fay Goode (verified owner)

    Lucy’s Fast and Loose Florals class is 5 star plus! I mostly do portraits but wanted to try my hand at flowers and I couldn’t be more pleased with Lucy! Her style of teaching is relaxed and just plain enjoyable! I will sign up for any other class she offers….she’s that good!

  11. Carolyn Gabos (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this class with Lucy. We learned about flower arranging, created three beautiful painting, and had fun sharing our art. Most importantly Lucy took the time to teach FOR understanding so we heard the “why” of her techniques. I am looking forward to another class with Lucy.

  12. Vandana Mahabir (verified owner)

    Loved each minute of Lucy’s class. I’m a self taught painter and Lucy’s class has been an inspiration and I’ve got to learn a lot from her. Thank you Lucy. Look forward to more florals and landscapes.

  13. Barbara Thompson (verified owner)

    Fast and Loose Florals really helped me get back into painting by making it fun and carefree. I haven’t painted in over 50 years and had forgotten most of what had learned so long ago. I learned so much about color and basic handling of the paint. So great for beginners, or those wanting to add more expressiveness to their work. Seeing the work of class participants was a huge plus. Thanks, Lucy!

  14. janrose6939 (verified owner)

    I loved this class!!! I’ve taken a lot of classes (and by a lot I mean a lot) and this is by far the best one ever. Lucy’s teaching style is very laid back and relaxed. She explains what she’s doing and she’s very encouraging. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results from this class. I can’t wait for her to do another class!!!

  15. Karlie Head (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this class. Lucy is a great teacher. Her instructions are clear, but there is freedom to interpret what she is teaching so you learn new techniques to suit your own style. I love her use of color, and her relaxed methods. I hope to see more classes offered by Lucy in the future.

  16. Louise Primeau (verified owner)

    This was exactly the class I needed to get out of my artistic rut. With Lucy’s guidance, I was able to see the big picture rather than all the fussy details and I just love that. I feel more confident now painting expressive florals and eventually, exhibiting my work in a community art show.

  17. aino.shperber (verified owner)

    Wonderful class with a lovely teacher! Highly recommended!

  18. Frankie Kellum (verified owner)

    Awesome class! Great instruction for the beginner painter to the more advanced. I’m an art major and have been painting for some time and I learned several new techniques. Loved Lucy’s laid back style! An added plus to Lucy’s painting instruction is that she also teaches how to put together your own floral arrangement.

  19. Lizelle van Heerden (verified owner)

    Ah man, this class! From taking us to the flower market , straight through to the last lesson !!! I loved every minute of it ! Thank you so much for sharing. I would love LOVE more courses from Lucy ! It’s well presented and easy to follow. I’ve tried out a few floral courses , but this one is absolutely close to my heart .

  20. hijules (verified owner)

    Lucy’s Fast and Loose Florals was a fun way to learn new ways of approaching painting flowers. I took the class to become more comfortable with fluid acrylic paints. Lucy’s easy going manner and process made me feel completely comfortable with the subject matter and medium! Whether you are a beginner or seasoned artist you will find value in this class.

  21. Paula McDowell (verified owner)

    This was a wonderful course! I especially loved the flower arrangement tips and advice, the variety of arrangements and references, and how Lucy talks you through her process for each lesson. Fantastic course, highly recommend!

  22. Donna Lang (verified owner)

    I took this class a few months ago and loved it. Lucy makes it look easy with clear instructions and lots of good tips. I can’t wait for the next floral class! (the Easy Treezy class was just as good!)

  23. lindahunt (verified owner)

    I have a tendency to get a little tight trying to mimic what I see. This class was so much fun and the tips you gave will only enhance my understanding. Lucy is a great teacher and I will watch for more classes! Thanks Lucy!!!!!!

  24. Lisette Frye (verified owner)

    This wonderful lesson of Lucy’s has inspired me to get back into large floral painting! I absolutely love the way she teaches. She makes everything easy and understandable, and gives you great confidence along the way.! I love being part of her Facebook group, because everybody is so encouraging, which helps me with my confidence as I ease back into painting after so many years!! I truly hope Lucy will continue to make online classes as I live in California and can’t always get back for an in person lesson. Thank you so very much Lacy – I just love your style and the way you teach.!

  25. Lisette Frye (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about how fabulous this lesson was by Lucy! It helped build my confidence to get back into acrylic painting after so many years of being away! I am passionate about painting! Now that I am retired I don’t have to worry about committing endless hours to it!! The feedback from Lucy and the entire Facebook group is so inspiring and encouraging! I look forward to taking many more lessons from Lucy! Thank you!

  26. Nancy Sheriff (verified owner)

    If i could have given more stars I would have. Lucy is beyond fabulous. I have taken all the courses she has offered and learned so much from each of them Lucy is good -natured, very talented, supportive, humorous, and as many have said–really fun! And the icing on the cake is you learn a tremendous amount. I highly recommend Lucy and sincerely hope she will keep offering courses.

  27. Brandi Losh (verified owner)

    I loved this loose style. Ty for a wonderful class!

  28. Amy Niesen (verified owner)

    I gifted this class to myself for Mother’s Day and I’m so glad I did! I love Lucy’s style and her laid back approach to creating art. With imperfection being perfectly acceptable, it encourages me to keep going and to keep loosening up! Thank you, Lucy, for sharing yourself with us! 🙂 Can’t wait to learn more with you.

  29. Jodi Underwood (verified owner)

    I enjoyed watching and learning Lucy’s style of painting. I typically watch the lesson(s) first then go back and try them- paint. Lucy made it look easy. I’ll see if it’s as easy as she made it seem when I try tomorrow. I had a 3 fluid acrylics and have never used them. I’m excited to try them now that I’ve seen them used. I’d take another class offered by Lucy. To me that’s the best compliment for a teacher

  30. Wendi Sock (verified owner)

    I was looking for a class that got me away from being detailed oriented and more focused on shapes, colors and brush strokes – this class fit the bill perfectly. Lucy does a great job of breaking down the process from beginning to end. Her tips to master negative shape painting are easy and impactful. She repeats her tried and true process several times throughout the class so that the important points really stick. She embraces the imperfections in this process as a natural part of creating art. I cannot wait to use all that I have learned as I go forward in my art journey. Thank you, Lucy!!

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