Jen Starling is an artist known for pushing the limits.  She is constantly looking for new ways of creating unique and interesting portraits and figures!  Learn more about her process and her upcoming course below!

Jen focused seriously on ballet and modern dance throughout her childhood and adult life. She has a BA in Performance Art from the University of MD, and danced professionally for many years. She dabbled in visual art from a young age, but has very little formal training. In May 2015 she took an art class that awoke her creative nature, and propelled her into the world of two dimensional art. No stranger to discipline, she has dedicated herself to learning from many accomplished artists, a demanding studio practice, and managing her business, “Jen Starling Art”. In addition, Jen has an elementary teaching license, and has taught youth and adults in numerous settings for the last twenty years. She currently teaches art classes at the Art Student League and Curtis Art Center in CO.

What you will learn in Jen's upcoming course, EXPRESSIVE REALISM - THE CREATIVE PROCESS DEMYSTIFIED, are techniques that she is currently using to create.  This course includes the step-by-step process of building a portrait using black and white paint, and an intentional palette of natural skin tones. Discover an experience that allows you freedom to explore color, edge quality, transparent versus opaque layers, shapes, and expressive mark making. This course places a strong focus on accurate proportions, paint application, values, and mixing skin tones. In addition, it gives you a glimpse behind the curtain of what it looks like to engage in the creative process where the outcome is uncertain, but each step leads to the next in order to unearth a painting that could not have been planned for.

Class opens April 20th!  We hope to see you join the class and learn more about Jen and her expressive realism techniques!  Early Bird pricing is available through April 6th!


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