First Frida Online Workshop a Success

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Good Morning Wonderful People!

Today is a great day!  Finally several of my students for my first online workshop have started posting their work and they are doing an amazing job!  I am so proud of the work that they are producing and just the fact that they are enjoying the process!  Are you interested in taking an art workshop, but feel that you don’t have any artistic talent?  This is often the thought that many have….people say that they just don’t have a creative bone in their body.  This is not true.  Usually it is hiding deep within us.  Do you want to find your creative side?  Come and join me in a safe environment where you can learn, get feedback, and meet other individuals in different stages of their artistic journey.  You won’t be sorry!  Follow the link below to learn more about my class.  I am working on other online workshops and should have more ready for sign up in the very near future!!

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