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In THE JOY OF CONNECTION you are going to learn how to loosen up your artistic approach leave your critical thinker at the door. We as a community are also going to learn how to quiet our thoughts and focus on what is really in front of us. While we are discovering how to focus and be quiet within, we will explore how to create, play and manipulate a multitude of mediums and have fun while doing it!  I can't wait to share this experience with you!



By the end of this course, students will have an understanding of the following concepts:

  • Discover the importance of allowing space for direction and focus
  • Explore the fun of creating and applying patterns to your artwork
  • Experiment with texture and color
  • Troubleshoot a problem, which in turn will make room for new possibilities
  • Develop artwork without judgement but instead with a childlike exploration


Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Prerecorded - Work at Your Own Pace

Cost - $69



jennymanno warmup(b)
jennymanno warmup (c)

We will use everyday objects from our lives that you can find around the house or in a magazine (i.e. flowers, plants, jewelry, shoes, kitchen utensils) whatever you can think of. Once we have chosen a few items to work with we will get to work focusing on what is in front of us by drawing it in the style of Contour Drawing. This is a chance for us to leave perfection behind. Instead we are trying to loosen up and quiet the critical thinker that we all have inside.


In the first main lesson, we will focus on capturing the details of butterfly wings. We are looking for realism here. I will teach you how to grid out the wings so that you can recreate what it is that you are seeing. What you learn in this class may also be used in the main lesson.


jennymanno lesson 2 (a)

The second lesson is really all about our relationship with paper, patterns, color and texture. Example; I have had a love affair with all different kinds of paper most of my life. However, I find myself always drawn back to old, yellowed with time, book pages and handwritten letters. I can’t get enough! The feel, the weight, the smell… all of it! So, I thought it would be fun to explore this together as well. We are also going to learn how to create and add patterns to your work, as well as, play with color and texture combinations with our lovely papers.


Lesson 3 is a culmination of all the techniques you have learned from the previous lessons. You will be creating your very own Patchwork Fairy!  We’ve played with color and texture with the whimsical mixed media landscape lesson, tapped into our inner child with the contour lesson and used our focus to create the beautiful butterfly wings. All of those lessons were strategically planned to prepare you for this lesson. Take what you have learned from this course and apply it in your own and unique way. Just remember, above all, it’s all about having fun, loosening up on the “rules” and pushing ourselves to think outside of the box.

jennymanno lesson 3 (c)
jennymanno lesson 3 (b)
jennymanno lesson 3 (a)


jennymanno bonus lesson (a)

In this final lesson I will teach you how to make Shrinky Dink buttons! How fun is this!! We are going back to being 10 years old again!! YES PLEASE!! We will use paper, stamps and paint pens to create these fun little treasures!! The skies the limit really. The coolest part is that they can also be used as a 3Dimensional piece for the main lesson.


Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Prerecorded - Work at Your Own Pace

Cost - $69


Jenny Manno Rectangle
In the 6th grade I had an art teacher, Mrs.Goddard, who saw a spark of talent in me. She ultimately took me under her wing, encouraging me to recognize it in myself. It wasn’t uncommon for Mrs.Goddard to send another student to pull me from class to help with large school art projects. On one of the most memorable occasions she asked me to create a giant paper mache Charlie Brown for the school library. Being one of the taller girls in school I never really felt like I fit in, so when Mrs. Goddard would request my assistance with various art projects I always felt special. I knew at an early age that this was a once in a lifetime experience.
That same year I created my first watercolor piece of a carousel horse and I was in heaven when Michelle, whom I had befriended the year before, purchased it for $5.00! Michelle was the first person to ever purchase a piece from me (we are still close friends to this day). The watercolor carousel horse eventually caught the eye of the school principal, Ms. Lee, and before I knew it, I had another watercolor request. Upon completion, Ms. Lee not only paid me $5.00, she also framed and hung it in her office. It was in that moment that I knew the importance of art and the impact it was going to have in my life. Thirty nine years later and I am still creating and  sharing it with the world via my Facebook Page Next JENeration Art,  teaching others that it's okay to think outside of the box.


Below is a list of the supplies that I will be using for the projects in this course.  However, you are always encouraged to use what you have on hand. 



  • Three 5x7 sheets of your favorite watercolor paper(I use 140lb Fabriano hot press)
  • White cardstock or sturdy paper (I do not recommend watercolor paper if you are going to use chalk pastel pencils)
  • 140lb Hot Press watercolor paper (or a sturdy paper that can handle glue and paint pens)
  • 140lb Hot press watercolor paper
  • Shrinky dink plastic


Other tools:


  • Variety of paintbrushes
  • A size 4 and 6 watercolor brush
  • Your favorite watercolors
  • Acrylic paint or watercolor palette (I use both)
  • White Gesso
  • Charcoal pencils (soft and medium)
  • Pencil - HB and 2B or a light and dark lead
  • Colored pencils
  • Chalk pastel pencils (I use Stabilo CarbOthello pastel pencils)
  • Uni Posca Paint Pens (a variety of color)
  • Permanent thick and thin black markers
  • white gel pen (I use Uni Ball Signo)
  • A selection of ephemera and paper (scrapbook, handmade, artisan etc.
  • Lace, 3-Dimensional trims, or fabric that will lay flat
  • Three different blending stumps (one for cools, one for warms and one for black)
  • Glue (yes paste, Liquitex matte medium)
  • Eraser
  • Tombow Mono eraser
  • Scissors
  • Painters tape
  • Tracing paper
  • Credit card or palette knife
  • Your props (items that you are going to use for contour drawing)
  • Embroidery Needle and floss or thread ( type of floss or thread depends on you)
  • A piece of clean copy paper
  • An old phone book or magazine (you will use this when adding glue to your pieces.. it really helps keep your space less messy)
  • 2-inch circle punch
  • ¼ inch hole puncher
  • 1 sheet of copy paper (to make template)
  • Alcohol ink stamp pad (permanent)
  • Stamps (it does not matter what kind. You will only see a part of whatever it is you that you're stamping. It is meant to be decorative)
  • Cardboard nail file
  • A couple of Wooden toothpicks
  • Krylon workable fixative for sealing (if you are using chalk pastel)



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**Please talk to the artist of the course about his/her policy on selling artwork created in this course prior to selling any works created during course.  Some artists will allow it, while others do not.  Thank you for your support.


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