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Would You Like to Explore Story and Stylisation within Your Art?  Are You Interested in Learning More About Combining Wet and Dry Mediums in Your Work?

Join Rachel Favelle in POP SURREAL PORTRAITURE.  Students will begin the course with a basic introduction to graphite and then progress into using mechanical pencils. Two different substrates will be examined, including transparent yupo paper and watercolour paper, where students will begin to explore both wet and dry mediums. New materials, such as alcohol markers and watercolour markers, will be investigated as well as more commonly known mediums such as alcohol ink, watercolour and coloured pencil. The final lesson will focus on combining several of these mediums in the one project. Students will have the opportunity combine these materials in a loose gestural manner as well as a more refined methodical approach.  We hope to see you in class!


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By the end of this course students will have an understanding of the following concepts:

  • Research and concept planning
  • Discover facial proportions and methods of stylisation
  • Explore compositional rules
  • Experiment with colour scheme applications
  • Learn more about tonal Rendering
  • Play with pop-surrealism and portraiture
  • Explore watercolour techniques
  • Experiment with mixed media methods


Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Cost - $99


We will begin our course by revisiting the basics and with an introduction to the materials!  This will help you to complete the main lessons with confidence and ease.  I will share a few short lessons on how to use some of the materials that you may not be familiar with.  We will also practice our drawing skills with some mini lessons on drawing and shading in the facial features. 

Next we will move into design.  There are rules for composition that will help you to create a more successful piece of artwork.  We will also explore how to create your back story, and how to develop the concept for your artwork.  Learn more about methods of stylisation that are necessary for Pop-surrealism and watch as I demonstrate how to stylise a face.


After you complete lessons 1 and 2, you will be ready to dive into the main lessons.  In lesson 3, we will complete the first main project using graphite and alcohol markers on yupo paper.  I think that you will really have fun with this as the markers have a very unique effect on this type of paper.  Next, we will experiment with dual brush markers and watercolor on paper.  I will guide you through different types of paper and mediums, and how to use these to create a beautiful portrait.  Our last lesson will focus on using alcohol inks and coloured pencil.  Not only will you be introduced to a plethora of new media, but you will learn how to create unique, stylised, pop surreal portraits along the way!

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Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Cost - $99



Currently living in Queensland, Australia, Rachel is a practicing artist and art teacher of 20 years. She graduated with a BFA in Illustration and a Bachelor in Secondary Education in 2000.

Rachel’s distinctive Pop – surreal style has been showcased in galleries across the U.S, Portugal, New Zealand and Australia. In 2019 she had her first solo international show with Curly Tale Gallery in Chicago titled, ‘Out of the Velvet Blackness’ which examined the demise of childhood creativity as they traverse into adulthood.

With a background in Illustration and in collaboration with her husband, who is also an artist and art teacher, Rachel delved into the world of children’s book illustration in 2018 with her first picture book, ‘The Bear Hug’, a story about a young bear whose mischievous nature gets her into trouble.

At the heart of Rachel’s art practice she believes that everyone has the potential to be creative.

“Dreaming begins in the dark recesses of our childhood imagination. We just need to dig away adult logic to reveal what was there all along; creativity.”


This course will have a private Facebook group just for you!  The artist will be actively involved with the class via Facebook the first four weeks the course is open!  After that the course will be a self-study.  The artist may or may not be involved after the four weeks.  We are looking forward to seeing your artwork!


Below is a list of the supplies that I will be using for the lessons in this course.  However, you are always encouraged to use what you have on hand.




  • Micador Watercolour Disc 24 Pack
  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens Galaxy Palette
  • Winsor and Newton Brushmarkers  (Cyan, Chocolate, Warm Grey, Bright Green, Lush Green, Plum, Amber, Rose Pink, Blender)
  • Winsor and Newton Promarker (Coral)
  • Jacquard Pinata Color Alcohol Inks (Sapphire Blue, Senorita Magenta. Avoid Purple Passion as it has a tendency to fade.)


Other Materials

  • Isocol Rubbing Alcohol Antiseptic
  • Pentel Aquash Watercolour Brush
  • Uni Posca Pen White 0.7mm
  • Paper stumps
  • Kneadable Eraser
  • Tissues
  • Krylon Kamar Varnish Spray (Protects and seals alcohol inks. Apply two coats first before UV protectant)
  • Krylon UV Resist Spray (Protects alcohol inks from fading. Apply one coat after Kamar Varnish.)


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**Please talk to the artist of the course about his/her policy on selling artwork created in this course prior to selling any works created during course.  Some artists will allow it, while others do not.  Thank you for your support.


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