LET’S FACE IT – 2020

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  • Collaborate with 26 INSTRUCTORS for 50 WEEKS
  • 50 Weeks of Lessons and Inspiration
  • Lifetime Access/Downloadable Content
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Course Price – $149
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Registration Opens October 14th!

LET'S FACE IT - 2020

LIFETIME ACCESS - Download ALL Content

Cost - $149

LET'S FACE IT 20 RECTANGLE regopensoct

*artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course.


Hello Wonderful Creatives!!!!


I am thrilled to announce that LET'S FACE IT is back for our FIFTH year!!  I never in a million years would have thought that this is what I would have been creating in my life!  It is truly a dream come true to bring this course, and so many others, to all of you creatives! 

This year we will be studying style development!  We all want to find our way in art, and so what better way to learn about style, then to discuss various topics related to style development with some artists that clearly have a very distinct style!  This year, each artist was carefully chosen because of his/her artwork!  When you look at their work, you know exactly whose it is!  I think that is what many artists strive for, and so I thought it was time for us to discuss this in our own journeys!



  • The very FIRST AND ONLY year-long course that is devoted solely to studying portraits and figures. 
  • 26 professional artists sharing their knowledge and expertise on portraiture and figurative art
  • Geared toward all levels - beginning, intermediate and advance artists
  • Areas of study include but not limited to:
    • Understanding proportions
    • Various portrait angles and poses
    • Composition
    • Color theory and value
    • Finding a likeness in your work
    • Loosening up in both your dry and wet mediums
    • Using reference photos for inspiration and not necessarily to find likeness
    • Style development
    • and many more areas covered!


Portrait and figurative artwork can be quite daunting, but the Let's Face It community is one of the most supportive communities I have ever been a part of!  Since 2016 more than 4500 people have joined LFI 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019!  Together, instructors and students, have created a community of encouraging artists that want to work together to overcome the fears and self-doubt that come with creating portrait and figurative art.  There is always room for more and we hope you will join us!


( Artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course. Artists from Left to Right:  MJ Lindo, Renee Mueller, Katrina Koltes, Angela Kennedy, and Lucy Brydon.)

In 2020 we will focus on a variety of portrait angles and figurative poses!  We will also have several discussions on  style development!


LET'S FACE IT will continue to be a progressive course as usual!  We love to build on each year!  In 2020, we will be focusing on style development as we create artwork inspired by a variety of portrait angles and figurative poses!    You can expect to learn more about the following:


Style Development


  • what contributes to finding your style
  • major artist influences
  • styles changing over time
  • copying artists you admire
  • messages that are conveyed through art
  • dealing with negative feedback
  • dealing with the inner critic
  • and more


Sections will focus various portrait angles and poses.  Don't worry, artists will get creative and change things up each week to give you something fresh, new, and exciting!  Along with the variety of angles/figures, we will also be using different mediums as always!   We will focus on the following, but with new and exciting additions from previous years!


  • frontal
  • 3/4
  • profile
  • portraits with hands
  • looking over the shoulder
  • figures standing
  • figures sitting
  • and more

(Artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course.  Artists from Left to Right:  Larissa West, Emma Petitt, Jennifer Bonneteau, Pauline Agnew, and Jeanne-Marie Webb)




The past three years of LFI we have done ATC (artist trading card) swaps with classmates involved in LET'S FACE IT.  In 2019, instead of doing an ATC swap, we will be having TWO PORTRAIT SWAPS!!!  I am just thrilled about this!  Anyone can join, and you will be paired up with another student in class. 


A week of give aways at the end of the year!  The final year of class is always devoted to giving back!  Teachers offer prints, postcards, classes, and original artwork during the final week of class!  This is truly something that I love to do!


I am thrilled to announce that we will also have all of the following just created especially for you!

  • a FREE curated library of photos from yours truly!  Along with the free photos, we will also have a library that you can purchase from for a very reasonable price!!
  • a PRIVATE Facebook group full of amazing, supportive artists, both novice and professionals, waiting to connect with you
  • a WEEKLY newsletter that is sent to the students when the new lessons are posted
  • a tentative list of supplies before the course opens
  • jump in at any time, with any lesson!  You have full freedom to move around and complete the lessons that are most inspiring to you.

(Artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course.  Artists from Left to Right:  Joshua Lawyer, Christina Romeo, Juna Biagioni, Amy Beeman, and Robert Kelley)

Registration is Open!  Sign Up Today!

LET'S FACE IT - 2020

LIFETIME ACCESS - Download ALL Content

Cost - $149


So, who will be your creative guides this year in 2020!?  I cannot wait to introduce this amazing team to you!


Here is YOUR 2020 team...


Meet the Creator, Owner and Hostess of LETS FACE IT



Kara Bullock is the founder of Kara Bullock Art Inc.  She is the sole creator of Let's Face It and began offering it as a course on her website in 2016.  Since that time over 4500+ students have signed up for classes through her online art school. 

Kara is a self-taught artist and began her own art career in 2013.  She has been in the field of education for 20 years.  Given her extensive background on student needs and the learning environment, she truly understands just how important the in-person and online experience is to the student.  No matter where you are on your journey, Kara's classes provide a safe environment for all learners and all levels.  She is also an expert in curriculum development and collaborates with all of her instructors as they create their content for you, the learner!  You can rest assured, that your creative and learning needs will be met in our classes!

Can you believe this awesome line-up!??!  Pinch yourself because this is for real!!!



(Artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course.  Artists from Left to Right: Sara Burch, Lucy Cooke, Sabra Awlad Issa, Deanna Strachan-Wilson, and Melanie Rivers)

So, what is included with this course?


  • 50 weeks of amazing stuff! Each week you will receive a BRAND NEW lesson that has never been seen before!  While these lessons are all new, some of the techniques might be ones that you are familiar with.  Some of the lessons will be full-length videos from the instructors that walk you step-by-step through their creative process in creating faces/portraits. Other lessons will be mini lessons,  that share special tips and strategies to use as you are creating. Typically we will be rotating between a full-length and a mini lesson. This way you will have about two weeks in between the longer lessons.
  • 24+ lessons from your guest teachers – full length videos with A LOT of hand holding
  • 22+ mini lessons from your guest teachers – PDFs, short videos that include tips, secrets, tricks, etc. to use when creating faces/portraits
  • 24 PDF eBooks to go along with the main lessons.  These will be printable and you can use them to follow along with the lessons.
  • A FREE copyright free library curated by yours truly
  • 2 Portrait Swaps
  • Artist Give Aways
  • 39 Free Memberships to the class that you can win!!!
  • LIVE Face Time with Yours Truly!!
  • Suggested supply list when registration opens!
  • Downloadable content that you can keep forever, including the videos!!  All videos will be downloadable!  Whoo Hoo!!!
  • Lifetime access to your course on my site - as long as I am alive.
  • A Facebook group dedicated to those of you taking the course and your teachers!
  • Personal time with me.  I will have specific times each week that I am available in the Facebook group.  These will be somewhat like office hours.  Yay!
  • A classroom to call your own on my WordPress website

(Artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course.  Artists from Left to Right: Maria Pace-Wynters, Misty Hawkins, Yvonne Morrell, Toni Burt, and Lisa Fillion)


**Upon purchasing your course, you will be asked to create an account and go through the purchase process (even if the cost is $0 for a free course).  If you have already created an account, after purchase your course will IMMEDIATELY be available under “LOGIN” at the top right-hand of karabullockart.com.

**If your course does not show up, please email us at karabullockart@gmail.com

**Due to the nature of the immediate availability of the course, all purchases are nonrefundable.

**Please talk to the artist of the course about his/her policy on selling artwork created in this course prior to selling any works created during course.  Some artists will allow it, while others do not.  Thank you for your support.

4 reviews for LET’S FACE IT – 2020

  1. Penny Gunderson

    I have learned so much and developed my portrait and figure painting skills by using the the Let’s Face It classes for the past three years. I love the online classes and being able to work at my own pace while getting feedback from instructors and support from other artists from around the world. The online format has been especially convenient during the pandemic. I love the variety of instructors, styles, materials and time required to complete a lesson. The instructors are very helpful and encouraging. I am developing my own style while absorbing new techniques, materials and references.

  2. arttage (verified owner)

    I already had knowledge of making art, and painting but this class was long awaited and so glad I signed up and did every lesson! Pieces I sold paid for the class well enough for more then ten times over! The comradery is excellent made a lot of new friends people who are like me art types, and it’s fun to also encourage others as we all see them get better and better too! All different levels and wonderful ability to express themselves though some might be more sophisticated that doesnt even matter. We spoke of the times and harshness’s but not any negative speak which was a wonderful escape from all the other things that happened this year in all our lives! Kara is a gem of an artist and also a good encourager with so many abilities! All the teacher she has in the class are also just beyond wonderful . Can not say enough good! Thank you Kara and everyone else who made my year a happier time here! Watching everyone do the same work but how differently each one comes out is amazing and exciting too! Trying new things even though already know a lot is also just a great adventure!

  3. Mona Lundeborg

    What a fantastic journey it has been for me this year!! So many amazing artists that has teached in this course! Different styles, techniques and mediums. I truly have learned a LOT this year and my friends and family has seen how much I have progressed with my art. Am forever thankful to Kara Bullock and all the other teachers! I totally recommend anyone to take a Let’s Face It course! You will not regret it!

  4. Carol Burns (verified owner)

    I can’t recommend this course highly enough! I started this 2020 very nervous about painting faces and figures and I can’t believe how much I have grown throughout the year. The online classes are clear and easy to follow, the instructors extremely generous in sharing their knowledge and experience and the online community surrounding the course is hugely supportive and very friendly. I have loved every minute of it, so much so I’m going to do LFI2021 too, so if you are thinking about signing up? Do it! You will not regret it!

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