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Class is Open! Self-Study!

LET'S FACE IT - 2018

LIFETIME ACCESS - Download ALL Content

Cost - $149


*Artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course.



Hello Wonderful Creatives!!!! We are back for another amazing year of  LET’S FACE IT!  Last year, we came together for our second year of focusing on faces and portraits.  The last two years have been incredible and I feel extremely lucky to witness so many amazing artists following their bliss and taking on the challenge of creating portraiture and figurative artwork!  For LET’S FACE IT 2018, I have yet another amazing, super-duper, fantastical group of creative guides to hold your hand as you continue on this journey that you feel so called to!  Together, we will continue to share MORE of our personal creative stories so that we can give you the inspiration and guidance needed to carry on in your own creative journey!


What is LET’S FACE IT?

I know from my own personal experience just how intimidating it can be to draw/create faces and portraits. In fact, at one point, I was so scared by the process that I quit creating for years! After connecting with others via Facebook and art workshops, I found that I was not alone, and this concept of a year of creating portraits began to brew in my mind! Let’s Face It started in 2016, and since then over 2000 people have joined LFI 2016 and LFI 2017!  Together, instructors and students, have created a community of encouraging artists that want to work together to overcome these fears and support one another along the way!


In this course, we learn to face our fears of creating faces and portraits, accept where we are on our personal journey, love what we make and know the value of each piece, and continue to nurture our skills so that we feel more comfortable and more confident in continuing on this adventure to finding out what our “face” is!

What's New in 2018?


This year, along with continuing the study of portraiture and figurative art, we will also be taking a journey through time and study many of the different art movements that have taken place!  In 2018, students will be exposed to not only a variety of guest instructors, and their styles, but also to many different master artists that have been influential and inspirational to us since the beginning of time!  The hopes for this course is to continue to help develop your portrait skills, but also to help you to continue to develop your own style.  When we are exposed to a variety of artists and styles, we naturally begin to pick up bits and pieces from different artists that we are drawn to.  These bits and pieces come together to form our own unique style!


Part of the process of becoming an artist used to be to study under a master.  The apprentice artist would work alongside the master, study technique, copy, and often help complete paintings for the master.  This year, we will be introduced to many master artists, from different art periods, study their artworks, and learn more about their inspirations and techniques.  Throughout the duration of LFI2018, we will be exposed to 48+ master artists!  Whoa!  These lessons will share with you a little about each master, their style, their techniques, and how each master inspired the teachers in this course!  I truly believe that we are going to learn so much and be completely and utterly inspired this year!!!


Artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course.

In 2018....

LET'S FACE IT will continue to be a progressive course because we will travel through different art periods, and along this journey, we will focus on different skills!  Our specific areas of study will focus more on art movements and style.  I can't wait!!  In 2018, we will focus on the following art movements:

  • Renaissance
  • Post-Renaissance
  • Impressionism
  • Post-Impressionism
  • Art Nouveau
  • Expressionism
  • Abstract
  • Surrealism
  • Contemporary

We will study masters that you are familiar with....


and introduce you to ones you may have never heard of!


Within each of these art movements we will continue to work on the following focus areas:

  • color theory
  • values
  • different angles of the face
  • expression
  • hair
  • hands
  • the body
  • varying mediums
  • different substrates
  • portraits and figures
  • style development
  • and so much more!

Here is a breakdown of how a section in LFI2018 will run:

Course Section on RenaissanceExample Only

Week 1 – Introduction to section with Kara
Week 2 – Main Lesson with Guest Artist
Week 3 – Mini Lesson Lesson with Guest Artist
Week 4 – Main Lesson with Guest Artist
Week 5 – Mini Lesson Lesson with Guest Artist


What will be so unique about LFI2018 is that the guest artists will be studying master artists, their inspirations and techniques.  They will then share this knowledge with us and show us how each master artist inspired them in a special lesson that is created especially for this course.  The hope for 2018 is to expose you to the style of the guest artists, but also to past and present master artists.  I know from my own experience how valuable it is to study artists that inspire us!  This has helped me to continue to grow and develop my own style.


Artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course.

So, who will be your creative guides this year in 2018!?  I cannot wait to introduce this amazing team to you!


Here is YOUR 2018 team...


Learn more about each teacher, their background, style and inspiration by clicking on the button below!

Can you believe this jaw-dropping, fantabulous, awesome line-up!??!  Get ready, because this is REALLY happening!!!

So, what is included with this course?

  • 50 weeks of amazing stuff! Each week you will receive a BRAND NEW lesson that has never been seen before!  While these lessons are all new, some of the techniques might be ones that you are familiar with.  Some of the lessons will be full-length videos from the instructors that walk you step-by-step through their creative process in creating faces/portraits. Other lessons will be mini lessons, PDFs, etc. that share special tips and strategies to use as you are creating. Typically we will be rotating between a full-length and a special technique lesson. This way you will have about two weeks in between the longer lessons.
  • 20+ lessons from your guest teachers – full length videos with A LOT of hand holding
  • 20+ mini lessons from your guest teachers – PDFs, short videos that include tips, secrets, tricks, etc. to use when creating faces/portraits
  • 9+ lessons from your host, ME, Kara Bullock!  My lessons will include both full-length and mini!
  • Journal prompts to help with practice
  • 46 videos that share give some background and insight into master artists
  • 2 ATC Swaps
  • Artist Give Aways
  • LIVE Face Time with Yours Truly!!
  • Suggested supply list when registration opens!
  • Step-by-step PDF instructions to go along with the main lessons.  These will be printable and you can use them to follow along with the lessons.
  • Downloadable content that you can keep forever, including the videos!!  All videos will be downloadable!  Whoo Hoo!!!
  • Lifetime access to your course on my site - as long as I am alive.
  • A Facebook group dedicated to those of you taking the course and your teachers!
  • Personal time with me.  I will have specific times each week that I am available in the Facebook group.  These will be somewhat like office hours.  Yay!
  • A classroom to call your own on my WordPress website

Artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course.



21 amazing guest instructors plus your hostess (ME), 50 weeks of lessons, PLUS so many other goodies!!  Packages available, too!  Scroll down to the bottom to view package deals for 2018!

Class is Open!

LET'S FACE IT - 2018

LIFETIME ACCESS - Download ALL Content

Cost - $149


Artwork in image is just an example of the artists' work, but not the exact lesson for the course.

We are so excited and sure hope you will join us for a year of connecting, creating, and collaborating with other creatives like you!




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**If your course does not show up, please email us at karabullockart@gmail.com

**Due to the nature of the immediate availability of the course, all purchases are nonrefundable.

10 reviews for LET’S FACE IT – 2018

  1. Wendy Lambert

    Looking forward to joining!

  2. Louise Thorpe (verified owner)

    I have just started the last lesson of LFI 2017. This year has been life changing. I am now a painter! The variety and level of tuition in this course is quite amazing. Apart from her artistic and teaching skills Kara has a great gift of support and encouragement. As do all the guest teachers. Looking forward to another year of art.

  3. Mariette Hebert

    I enjoyed LF12017l. I still have lots of catching up to do, as I do with all online classes?
    Kara as a dynamic personality, and is very supportive and encouraging.
    Worth much more than initial investment for the class. ? +++++

  4. Thomas Muse (verified owner)

    This will be my third year taking Let’s Face It. The wide variety of lessons, styles and teachers is just what I needed to keep my interest and to grow my skills. Although I have not had time to complete a painting/drawing for every single lesson, I have watched all of them, many of them twice and each time I pick up something that I have missed before. I love that when I have days I just can’t seem to get started or feel blocked, I have a huge library of lessons to get me started. If you are really into building your portrait skills, this the place to be.

  5. Debbie Rooney (verified owner)

    LFI2018 was life changing for me! We studied the Masters and that was the draw for me. What I learned is how to interpret the lessons in my own way. Kara and all of the instructors were wonderful, each guiding us with valuable information and new techniques. The support and encouragement was wonderful and within the group page I made many wonderful art friends, everyone supporting each other. The value of this course is unending to me. Thank you!

  6. Kat Hamilton (verified owner)

    Loved every single lesson of LFI2018 and definitely going back to do LFI2019. Learnt so much and always going back to the lessons to watch again. The teachers are awesome and very helpful and the group is so supportive. Highly recommend this course.

  7. Linda Maher

    Let’s Face It! 2018 was absolutely amazing! I loved the way each lesson was presented, loved the format and layout of the course and the wonderful facebook group, which offered support from both teachers and students. The lessons offered a wide variety of techniques and mediums, and were could be used by the new artist as well as someone who is more experienced. I learned so much in 2018, and found the course content exactly right – allowing me to complete a lesson each week, which is how the course is presented. Overall, it was one of the best art courses I’ve even taken, and offers excellent value for money – a new lesson every week from over 20 different presenters for a whole year! I still have to complete the final few lessons, but fortunately the lessons can be completed totally at your own pace, as once you purchase the course, you can download the videos or simply access them online at any time. Wonderful course Kara – definitely 5 stars – thankyou so much!

  8. Susan Wright-Boucher

    My vocabulary isn’t big enough to express how much I’ve enjoyed Let’s Face It 2018. The teachers are highly talented, motivated to share their knowledge, and everything is packaged in a set of videos with no expiration date. I’ve gone through many of the lessons more than once and I’m still not done. I recommend Let’s Face It to anyone looking to advance their art.

  9. Patricia Worsley Beukes (verified owner)

    LFI 2018 was an exciting, life changing adventure for me!! Im now hooked, and hope to do many more in the future! Kara is a wonderful person and encouraging teacher, along with the amazing guest artists!! Ive never looked back, this course brought me tremendous joy, … even in learning! This course introduced me to the wonderful world of art and creativity, and I made some amazing friends along the way!! Highly recommend!! Thank you!

  10. Penny Gunderson

    A wonderful year of art history, portrait and figure work. I loved the variety of mediums and the fantastic instructors. I learned so much and enjoyed the worldwide community of LFI 2018. They were so supportive and I loved the art they shared.

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