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  • Instructor – Lauren Rudolph
  • 3 Lessons/6+ Hours of Instruction
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  • Private Group
  • Course Price – $129USD
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Would You Like to Find a Process to Support Your Portrait Drawing and Painting Skills?  Do You Struggle with Bringing Your Portraits to Life?


Join Lauren Rudolph in BRINGING THE PORTRAIT TO LIFE where we will explore the process behind painting the portrait in oils. We will begin with a sketch which I see as getting to know the subject. Line, movement, shadow and light all tell a visual story, one that starts with the invaluable practice of sketching. This is a practice that I use as a part of my painting process.  From there we will learn to support our process by creating an underpainting on canvas.  This creates a useful foundation of values to later apply color to.   Learning to see color is key to creating a successful portrait.  Experiment with mixing and matching directly on to the reference image to become an expert at color.  Learn to stretch your ability to see colors for what they are. Lastly, we will paint the portrait using all of the visual information we have collected. Using a variety of brushes we will apply paint thoughtfully and patiently seeing the face as a three dimensional object that we are moving around. I can't wait to share this course with you!  I hope to see you in class!



By the end of this course students will have an understanding of the following concepts:

  • Discover how to break down the sketch into line, shape, shadow and light like a puzzle that becomes a beautiful form.
  • Explore creating an underpainting that creates a foundation of value that we can lay our paint on top of.
  • Develop a process to truly see color by premixing and matching to the reference image. Color mixing expands our vision and shifts our perspective on how we see color.
  • Apply paint using thoughtful brushstrokes to create a portrait that has volume, depth and is full of life.


Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Cost - $129


In this course, we will begin with the practice of creating a sketch!  Learn to see the placement and movement of line, shape and value in the sketch. Where we place our lines and how we create shadow and light as an illusion is a discipline that builds confidence when creating a portrait that will carry into the painting stage. Sketching is a beautiful and essential practice. You will learn how to see and break down the face to create the illusion of form.  After we create our sketch, we will move on to painting our underpainting.  You will learn the process of "giving and taking away" paint until we have an underpainting that expresses a monochromatic foundation of value that we can paint on top of with color.


One thing is for sure, in this course you will become a master of color!  We will be mixing paint for our portrait using our full color reference image.  Learn to truly see color by mixing a variety of highlights, midtones and shadows to use for our portrait painting. Often when we see color, we do not fully see color. Mixing ahead of time and color matching to the reference is a practice that we will use and learn which will expand our concept of what we see. Over time as you grow as an artist and practice mixing color, you will expand in your ability to discern the true colors that you are searching for.

After we have done so much thoughtful work to prepare, we will finally be painting our portrait. We will apply the paint using thoughtful brushwork like a delicate dance as we move across the canvas. It is my intention to support you in gaining confidence to open to the possibilities and freedom that come from making strong choices while responding to your subject. This truly is the fun part after you have worked so hard. This is the stage where we learn to put it all together, like a house built on top of a foundation we will bring our portrait to life.



Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Cost - $129



Creativity has been the purest connection to my inner and outer world for as long as I can remember. As a child I sat and drew constantly my favorite subject of choice, faces. There is something about a portrait that pulls me in. I am fascinated by emotions and the human experience. My desire is to feel a complete engagement with my subject and tell their story.

Being an art teacher combines both of my loves, creativity and connection. I have taught in both public and private school. In 2011 I opened a home based studio for children called the Little Light Art Studio.  The name was inspired by the gospel song, “This Little Light Of Mine” which expresses the truth that we all contain a light within that is meant to shine. I love to teach private lessons, courses online and in person. I am so grateful to teach classes at a wondeful agency who’s mission is to support and provide many services to people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

Art is my true life force expression. When I am in the zone and my energy is flowing, magical things happen. I feel at peace, open and whole. I feel very blessed to do this work and to be an artist. My life like my art is a work in progress, ever evolving. I look forward to where the path may lead.


This course will have a private Facebook group just for you!  The artist will be actively involved with the class via Facebook the first four weeks the course is open!  After that the course will be a self-study.  The artist may or may not be involved after the four weeks.  We are looking forward to seeing your artwork!


A note about supplies. The better quality supply you use in oil painting, I believe the better result. I have not been one to splurge on supplies, but as I grow and care more and more about my experience, I do spend a bit more than I used to. You can work with what you have if that is what you desire. Colors can be mixed from any variety of paint colors. 



  • Canvas- 9 x 12 Primed Stretch Canvas
  • Bristol Paper or Pad - 9x12



Paint Brushes for Oil Paint, Various Flats in Half inch size and inch width (firm bristles), flat, filbert  and liner brushes small

  • #3 Isabel Special
  • #12 Utrecht,  Natural Curve Bristles, 2
  • # 6 Rhenish Round, Natural Bristles
  • Masterstroke Filbert Red Sable
  • Masterstroke Bright Sable
  • From Rosemary & Co
  • #2 & #1 Rosemary & Co Pointed Rounds


Oil Paints

  • Titanium White, 150 ml, Williamsburg
  • Burnt Sienna, 37 ml, Gamblin
  • Alizarin crimson, 37 ml, Gamblin
  • Transparent Earth Red, 37 ml, Gamblin
  • Canton Rose, 37 ml, Williamsburg (not essential)
  • Madder Lake Deep, 37 ml, Old Holland
  • Flesh Ochre, 37 ml, Old Holland
  • Raw Sienna, 37 ml, Gamblin
  • Yellow Ochre, 37 ml, Gamblin
  • Brilliant Yellow Pale, 37 ml, Williamsburg
  • Violet grey, 37 ml, Old Holland
  • Kings Blue, 37 ml, Old Holland
  • Phthalo Green, 37 ml, Gamblin
  • Phthalo Blue, 37 ml, Gamblin
  • Cold Black, 37 ml, Williamsburg
  • Sepia Extra, 37 Ml, Gamblin



  • 2H, HB, 3B, 5B and 9B Pencil
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • Tracing Paper 9x12
  • Carbon Copy Paper 9 x 12
  • Pilot Waterproof Black Gel Pen. Must be a waterproof pen
  • Mineral Spirits
  • Linseed Oil
  • Palette knife
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Disposable Gray Palette Pad
  • Blue Shop Towels (home depot or hardware stores)
  • Plastic sleeve for binder (to put image into a mix paints on)



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