Explore Portrait Painting

Experiment and refine your own distinctive approach to portrait work.


Master Portrait Painting with These Classes

This pathway will immerse you in a spectrum of courses dedicated to the art of portrait painting. Spanning various styles and techniques, each course serves as a wellspring of inspiration, encouraging you to experiment and refine your own distinctive approach to portrait work.

Each artist takes a different approach in his/her methods.  Two classes are done in oils, and one in acrylics, but they can be done in oils or acrylics.  To learn more about the specific details for each course click on the images below.

Sarah Sedwick

In Zorn Palette Portraits, Sarah will demonstrate portrait painting with a limited palette.

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Kara Bullock

Kara will demonstrate her techniques for painting the portrait in acrylics in this course.

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Lauren Rudolph

Master paint mixing and creating depth and value in your portraits with Lauren Rudolph.

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Add Style and Advanced Technique to Your Work

Do you want to learn how to add texture and expression to your portrait work?  Try this course with Mara Light - Portraits with Textured Layers.


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