Architecture is its Own Work of Art

"I wish I could go back on that trip to Germany, or Japan, or wherever I've been and appreciate the architecture more because I didn't appreciate it so much at the time for what IT was I appreciated it for how it sat in this environment and was man made and how it had all of these straight lines, but I didn't really look at the architecture for what it really is which is it's own work of art."

Justin didn't always know what he wanted to do or where he wanted to go with his art.  In college he studies abroad in Germany, and it was at that time that he fell in love with buildings, and their placement in their surroundings.  He collected postcards and trash, and would create artwork that combined these collected pieces, with the cityscapes around him, which eventually turned into the process he uses today to create his unique, cityscape art. 

Justin was born and raised in Clinton, Utah. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Utah State University with an emphasis in drawing and painting, and a Masters of Arts from National University, with a specialization in National Board Leadership. Along with being an artist, he is also a high school art teacher. His work is influenced by his love for nature and architecture. Justin currently resides in Salt Lake City with his wife and four daughters.

Justin is represented by galleries across the west and has work in the collections of the Springville Museum of Art, Brigham Young University, Marriott International, Royal Caribbean, Salt Lake County, the University of Utah, the LDS Church, and Utah Arts and Museums.

What you will learn in Justin's upcoming course, MIXED MEDIA URBAN CITYSCAPES, are techniques that he is currently using to create.  You will explore a way of creating that is super accessible, and can be done by anyone!  Justin will inspire you to create cool landscape artwork full of line, color, geometric shape, and more. These methods and techniques can easily be adapted to use in all different types of artwork, including portraits, figures, and more!

Class opens May 25th!  We hope to see you join the class and learn more about Justin and his mixed media artwork!  Early Bird pricing is available through May 10th!


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