You are a Woman of Strength

Happy Hump Day!

I am two days away from what I would call my first major event and I am feeling pressured to create!  This is actually a great thing because I feel that I become super inspired by everything.  I can’t seem to turn off my creativity!  I don’t know how wonderful this is for the rest of my family (not at all), but in regards to producing, it is awesome!  I am a mother and know how hard this can be at times.  There is always so much to do.  I am thankful for my husband because he is so helpful!  We are a team and I know that without him, my job as a mom would be really challenging.  I admire all of the single mothers out there that are standing strong on their own and raising their children.  I know that this must be so difficult, but it truly is an inspiration to watch you moms, do it, all on your own.  My hat is off to you today!  This piece was inspired by raising children, and having strength to having to do it on your own, sometimes.  Remember, moms, all of you, you ARE a woman of STRENGTH!  You will pass this on to your children!  They will remember all that you are doing, and every moment is worth it.  Please also remember that your children are not worried about the destination right now.  Right now, what matters, is the journey.  So, all moms, take each day as it comes, and make each moment matter.  I am not saying that the future doesn’t matter….I am just reminding us all, including me, that the “right now” matters most to our children.  Have an amazing day, and hug all of your babies tight!



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