WEEK 3/LESSON 1 Objectives:

  • Build a lesson by adding a new page
  • Add content to the page to create a well-planned lesson

WEEK 3/LESSON 1 Resources:

  • Video tutorials with Kara



Many of you taking this course are also looking to create courses and sell them. We are devoting an entire week to structuring the course on your WordPress site. In the weeks to come, you will learn more about selling these courses. If you are interested in learning more about how to come up with a topic for a course, and how to create the content for that course, you will want to take I.TEACH.ONLINE.


During week 3 in I.CREATE.ONLINE, we will be learning how to structure content that you have ALREADY created. So, you have your topic selected, you have created a video or multiple videos, and you are ready to put together your class!   When I am creating a course, I always begin with an outline so that I have a guide to follow as I write and build content. When I am ready to build the course, I go back to that outline and use it as my guide. Let’s take a look at the outline we created for I.CREATE.ONLINE.



This outline will guide me as I build my pages, and as I create my Home Page for my course. First, I will build all of my lessons for the course. If I have a course that has multiple weeks, I would begin by building all of the lessons for week 1. Then, I would move on to build week 2, and so on.  In this lesson, you will see me build content for this lesson that you are currently viewing (Week 3/Lesson 1).


Before I get started, I always type up all of the content that I will add into the lesson in a Word document so that it is ready to go. This way I can just copy and paste the text into the WordPress page that I will be building. It also allows me to take the time needed to write down the information, edit, and revise until I get it right.


In all of my lessons, I like to include the following for my students:


  • Lesson objectives
  • Lesson supports – supplies, PDFs, reference photos, etc.
  • Video tutorials

If I have more than one lesson for the week, or for the course, I like to create a Course Overview, or a Weekly Overview. In my overviews, I will include:


  • An introduction video
  • Week objectives
  • Week supports - supplies, PDFs, reference photos, etc.

Okay, I have my text ready for the lesson, so now we can begin building a lesson.

Creating a Lesson