The Expressive Line with Lucy Cooke

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  • Self-Study
  • Instructor – Lucy Cooke
  • 7 Lessons/8+ Hours of Instruction
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  • Private Facebook Group
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Are you struggling to be expressive in your artwork?  Do you wonder what it would be like to create art with freedom, without the constraints of proportion?

Join Lucy Cooke in a creative adventure, where you will be inspired by the art of Egon Schiele. Learn to bring energetic line work, and unexpected color, back into your portraits, without worrying about proportion or perfection.  If you are drawn to portraits with interesting line and color, and would like to learn how to translate those concepts into your own art, then this class is for you!



By the end of this course students will have an understanding of the following concepts:

  • Learn to study expressive line and focal points in Egon Schiele’s art
  • Fall in love with daily drawing practice using simple tools
  • Let go of a critical mindset in your own art, and love the act of creating with freedom
  • Combine Egon Schiele’s love of expressive line with your own style
  • Experiment with basic art tools, as well as unexpected tools, to create interesting and unexpected lines
  • Learn to add harmonious color in expressive ways to portraits
  • Adding quirky hands to your drawn and painted portraits
  • Gain skills and confidence with using gouache and acrylics in portraits
  • Fearlessly draw interesting figures
  • Translate what you see in photos into expressive faces and figures with line and color
  • Learn the art of playing with digital tools


Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Prerecorded - Work at Your Own Pace

Cost - $69


There are seven lessons in this class (with 26 step by step videos). Each one will build your skills and confidence in creating with expressive line in your portraits. You will get comfortable with a variety of simple art making tools, and combine them, to create expressive and interesting portraits. As we look to the art of Egon Schiele as our guide, we will enjoy putting down line and color in unexpected ways.


Lesson one will focus on the awesome line work that Egon Schiele is known for, and then with pencils in hand, learn how to freely put lines down to create interesting and expressive portraits.

Starting very loosely, we will learn to let go and have fun with line work. We will start with a quick warm up, and we won’t worry about proportion or even realism at this point.  In this lesson it will be all about playing and having fun!




Lesson 2 will once again study the variety of lines in some of our favorite drawings of Schiele.  This lesson will focus on learning how to combine lines for interesting portraits in pen. Learn how to create a variety of interesting lines through the use of various tools such as ink and twigs.  We will also complete self-portraits in this lesson.  Discover how to let go, and work loose and quickly!  Experiment with what to let go of in your expressive figurative work, and what to keep!


Egon Schiele LOVED to incorporate hands into his portraits … long fingers, distorted shapes, and so very expressive. We will learn from observing his drawings, just how to let loose, embrace imperfection and love drawing hands.  This lesson is all about letting go of perfection and playing with line!  We will be inspired by both new and old photographs to create amazing, loose figurative pieces!




Egon Schiele had a beautiful way of adding unexpected color to his artwork in unexpected ways.  In this five part lesson, you will have an opportunity to fall in love with expressive portraits combined with expressive colors.  This lesson slowly walks you through expression through color!  You will learn how to use unexpected colors, such as green and orange, in your portrait work!  This lesson focuses on having fun, and being bold!  Step back into Egon Schiele’s paint splattered shoes, and play with abandon!


In this four part lesson, we will learn to confidently draw lines to create some fantastic figures. Do they have to be perfectly in proportion? NO! That’s the beauty of Egon’s work…his figures (and faces!) had character and personality, but not perfection. We will strive for that kind of looseness, and by the end of these lessons, have a better appreciation for expressive figure drawing. We will create interesting standing and sitting figures in our journals, and then add color to our figure drawings, to make them come to life on the page. Our final part of this lesson has us combining Schiele’s line work, with our own creative style.




In this five part lesson, we will first create quick line and colored pencil drawings (with no references!) in our newsprint journal. We will take what we have learned so far, as regard to line and focal points in successful drawings, and draw freely. In the next four videos, we will take our favorite drawing, and turn it into a fun portrait, where we use acrylics first, to lay down color on stretched canvas, and then finish up with the unexpected line of colored pencils. We will even add a hand to our portrait painting. We will explore solutions to design challenges in our portraits, by using a digital app, as well as office supplies. Painting is all about challenges and finding solutions, and learning along the way!



In this fun bonus lesson, we will learn to play digitally, to create expressive line on our tablets. Creating digitally is something I have enjoyed for a while, long before iPads came into existence. It is such a great way to be expressive, without putting on your painting clothes and making messes!! If you are new to art apps, I will show you an easy way to get started by using my favorite. We will use one of our Schiele inspired drawings for inspiration, and we will recreate a fun portrait using digital tools…colored pencil, oil pastel, oil paint, charcoal, and more! We will print out our digital masterpieces, and add them to our collection of fun Schiele portraits from this class.


Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Prerecorded - Work at Your Own Pace

Cost - $69



My dad gave me that nickname many years ago, when I was just a little girl. I LOVED art as a kid, drawing, and even painting whenever I could.

Yet, when I became an adult, I hardly spent any time on my art making. I was creative throughout my life though, spending time writing poetry, short stories (and longer ones), learning photography, and even developing my own film and prints. Decades later, art found me again. At a time when I really needed it!

Since 2006, art has been a part of my daily life. I started out slowly, making small ATCs, or Artist Trading Cards. Collage was my art medium of choice at that time. I quickly moved on to larger collages, mixed media, and assemblage. I used found vintage items mixed with new finds, to make interesting art. Or I would repurpose something that was discarded, to create something new and different. I also loved the challenge of making digital art.

Around 2008, I was taking an online painting class, and decided I really wanted to pursue my love of painting with acrylics. Since then, my favorite thing to do is sit in front of my easel and paint! My subject of choice, is portrait painting. I LOVE faces! But every once in a while, you will find me painting sunflowers, waterlilies, or even hummingbirds.

Besides painting portraits, as often as I can, you will find me sketching faces, in graphite or ink. And I am a constant student of art, learning from artists of the past, as well as contemporary artists. I love trying new techniques and pushing my art to the next level. This art journey has been a wonderful one!

I am so excited to make art with you!



This course has a private Facebook group!  Since the course is now a self-study, student activity may be less frequent, and the instructor may or may not be active in the group.


Below is a list of the supplies that I will be using for the projects in this course.  However, you are always encouraged to use what you have on hand. 

  • Pencil
  • Black Stabilo or General's Sketch and Wash
  • Variety of ink pens
  • Sharpie - thick black marker
  • White Gel Pen -  Sakura
  • Colored Ball Point Pens
  • Colored Pencils - use what you have
  • Caran d’Ache colored artist crayons. We will use a few colors to add to our drawings. (If you don’t have Caran d’Ache crayons, you can always substitute with cheaper oil pastels from Pentel, many office supply stores carry them, or children’s crayons)
  • Black permanent ink
  • Tools for ink lesson - ink pen with nib, (The nib I use is from Speedball, 513EF calligraphy pen nib. It comes in a set of two from Amazon) I also used a small wooden skewer stick, and twigs from my backyard. If you don’t have a dip ink pen and nib, just use a small skewer or a variety of twigs…they work really well!
  • Gouache – Arteza
    • Arteza Brand Mid Yellow
    • Yellow Ochre
    • Viridian Green
    • Sap Green
    • Burnt Sienna
    • Burnt Umber
    • Noir, Sky Blue
    • Titanium White
    • Scarlet Red
    • Light Apricot.
  • Acrylic paints - Use what you have on hand. These are the colors I use in the painting lesson:
    • Yellow Oxide
    • Yellow Light Hansa
    • Cadmium Red Medium Hue
    • Light Oxide Red
    • Turquoise
    • Prussian Blue Hue
    • Titanium White
    • Unbleached Titanium
    • Burnt Umber
    • Burnt Sienna Muted Violet
    • Muted Green
    • Black Gesso
    • Gray
  • Clear gesso
  • Assortment of brushes
  • Fashion Magazines
  • All types of paper
    • Plain white paper
    • printer paper
    • blank index cards
    • cheap paper tablet
    • newsprint paper tablet
    • I also use Khadi paper for one of the ink lessons
    • Kraft paper – I LOVE all kraft paper. For this class, I mostly used my Strathmore Toned Tan journals, large and small. We also draw on small kraft envelopes and paper lunch bags.
    • Tea stained index cards, or any paper will do. We use this for our “vintage” look. You can also stain with coffee, or Burnt Umber acrylic ink.
    • Smooth Cardboard - use what you have
    • 9 x 12 inch stretched canvas
    • Clear plastic – approx. 8.5 by 11 inches (I used a sheet protector I had around the house) We will use this in our painting lesson.
    • Digital apps used – SketchClub and Moldiv in my painting lesson and Art Set Pro in my digital drawing lesson

To finish off the completed painting once it has dried, I spray with two coats of a fixative (Matte), and then when it has dried completely, I add a coat of Dorland’s Wax on top, let it sit overnight, and buff it out to a nice satin sheen.



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14 reviews for The Expressive Line with Lucy Cooke

  1. ktnyrak21 (verified owner)

    I am loving Lucy’s class, she is generous and kind in her approach. She is honest about mistakes and how to fix them. I can already see (after only a few lessons) how much I am already exploring line and becoming more expressive. It is fun and I so glad I bought this course.

  2. Joke Overvliet (verified owner)

    I learned a lot through this workshop, Lucy teaches with passion and shows clearly how Egon must have worked. I had never heard of Egon Schiele but through this class I have become a big fan, his style fits me like a tailor-made suit. Thank you so much Lucy Cooke.

  3. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    What a fabulous class. I am loving the looseness of this all and Lucy’s spirited involvement!

  4. Renee Zarate (verified owner)

    Excellent class! I’m a beginner and yet felt comfortable in this class, I feel like I have learned some really cool techniques to help loosen up my style.

    Lucy is very involved with the group and helpful. The videos are great for learning at your own pace. I would highly recommend this class to students of all levels.

  5. Jane Armstrong (verified owner)

    One of the best classes I have taken. Let go of perfection and instead create fascinating portraits and figures using lovely, expressive lines. My sketching has improved so much in this class. Lucy is an excellent instructor!

  6. Janice Price (verified owner)

    I am in love with this class Lucy’s enthusiasm is infectious. Her love of Schiele’s art and expressive line shine through. For so long I have wanted to draw with a looser line and now, thanks to Lucy, I can see that loose, expressive line starting to emerge in my work. This class has something for every artist. Thanks so much Lucy.

  7. Tari Eilbeck (verified owner)

    Really enjoying this class and Lucy makes it amazing with so many comments to encourage us on plus lessons are very hands on and inspiring?

  8. Joan Shapiro (verified owner)

    This is a fabulous class. I have been wishing to relax and loosen my line for some time. Lucy has but together a fun and informative class….and it works. I am learning so much about what Schiele did in his drawing with both line and shape. The lessons are fun and “ meaty”. I know that I will be working with this class for a long time. Any level of drawing experience would benefit from this class.

  9. Kathy Lewis

    Lucy has offered a ton of content and she is a wonderful teacher. Her feedback is always thorough and timely. I am truly enjoying learning about Egon Schiele in Lucy’s class. She has inspired me to continue studying his work more closely.

  10. LBrisbon (verified owner)

    This class has made it easy to form a daily drawing practice. Lucy has been brilliant in sharing Egon Schielle as an artist to study and emulate. Her lessons are fun, informative and the objective she set forth, of loosening lines has already changed my approach to drawing. Her feedback is very encouraging and I Highly recommend this class.

  11. Cathy Nance (verified owner)

    One of the nest classes ever to get you drawing without being intimidated. Lucy is brilliant and generously shares her knowledge where you feel that you can draw anything. Studying schiele was super fun and I highly recommend this class to anyone no matter what your skill level is.

  12. Patti Sandham (verified owner)

    I love Lucy’s classes! She is such a generous and inspiring teacher who invites you to play and learn. This class has been so good for me to loosen up and create interesting line work and it is transferring to my other work too and that is so awesome. Highly recommended! <3

  13. Helen Moreda (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best. A natural teacher. So supportive.. Generous and kind.

  14. Joan Wagner (verified owner)

    Lucy’s class is fabulous! I can’t add much more than everyone else has . All I can say is TAKE THE CLASS !!!

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