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  • Artist – Michael Carson
  • 8+ Hours of content
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Would You Like to Create Captivating, Timeless Paintings?  Ready to Embark on Your Own Artistic Endeavors with Newfound Confidence?

Join Michael Carson in DOUBLE VISION - SIMULTANEOUS FIGURE PAINTING.  Get ready to go on a transformative artistic journey in Michael's home studio, where he unveils the creation of two mesmerizing paintings from inception to completion. Begin with a tour of Mike's creative sanctuary and witness an exciting photo shoot, showcasing his mastery of posing and lighting techniques. Mike demystifies the world of oil painting, providing insights into his simple yet effective palette for achieving harmonious colors and breaking down barriers for aspiring artists. The course encompasses fundamental artistic principles, ensuring participants gain a solid foundation for creative expression on canvas. In "The Tutorial," Mike serves as a narrator, detailing every move from sketching to the final brushstroke, while "The Bonus Painting" provides a silent yet profound insight into his palette-cleansing process. Students leave with not only a comprehensive understanding of Mike's artistic secrets but also the confidence and knowledge to execute successful, well-crafted paintings. We hope you will join us and discover how to elevate your artistic journey and paint with mastery.



By the end of this course students will have an understanding of the following concepts:

  • Observe Mike in a photography session with his muse
  • Discover the ease of working in a limited palette
  • Experiment with working on multiple paintings
  • Try working on different substrates
  • Explore ways to create shapes and flattening
  • Visit Mike's home studio and learn more about the artist


Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Cost - $159


Step into the captivating world of acclaimed artist Michael Carson as he opens the doors to his home studio, inviting you to witness the magic of his artistic process. In this exclusive course, you'll embark on a creative adventure, learning the secrets behind the creation of not one, but TWO stunning paintings.

Begin the artistic odyssey with an intimate tour of Mike's home studio, the sacred space where his masterpieces come to life. Gain insights into the unique environment that fuels his creativity. Witness a mesmerizing photoshoot of his muse in another room, where Mike expertly demonstrates the art of posing and lighting. Uncover the techniques that create captivating shapes and shadows for his compositions.


If the world of oil painting has ever felt daunting, fear not. Mike is here to guide you with ease. Discover the simplicity of his palette, proving that you don't need an extensive range of colors to create harmonious masterpieces. Delve into the fundamentals of his approach, breaking down the barriers that may have held you back from expressing yourself on canvas.

Experience a unique teaching method as Mike unveils not one, but two mesmerizing paintings. In "The Tutorial," Mike becomes your artistic narrator, revealing every brushstroke and decision made in real-time. From initial sketch to the finishing touches, you'll witness the complete evolution of this captivating piece.

Meanwhile, in "The Bonus Painting," Mike's silent strokes speak volumes. This canvas serves as his palette cleanser, allowing him to switch between paintings with fresh eyes. Although silent, every move is captured, offering you a visual feast of artistic intuition and technique.


Leave the course with a treasure trove of Mike's artistic secrets. From design principles to the finishing touches, this journey provides more than just a tutorial; it's an immersion into the mind of a seasoned artist. Discover the elements that contribute to a well-executed, successful painting, and embark on your own artistic endeavors with newfound confidence.

This is more than a course; it's an invitation to explore the depths of creativity with a master artist. Secure your spot now and unlock the secrets behind creating captivating, timeless paintings.


Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Cost - $159


Michael Carson is a Minnesotan oil painter and sculptor, whose artwork can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the world. His aim is to use technique, mechanics, color and design to bring a fresh approach to the subject of the figure. "My work is first and foremost figurative studies. It's what I like to paint, my biggest challenge and my greatest payoff." See more of Michael's artwork below:


Below is a list of the supplies that I will be using for the projects in this course.  However, you are always encouraged to use what you have on hand. 



  • Round 2 - I am using Winsor Newton synthetic
  • Bright 6, 8, 12 - I am using Princeton Summit synthetic




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  1. ellie (verified owner)

    This is definitely a 5 star! I have taken many many courses but Mike you have consolidated so much for me. The two brush system, along with the wonderful limited colour palette is a game changer. Working on board, which I love but will now sand a canvas to make it smooth. Your drawing methods also is a game changer. The added direction of taking photos is much appreciated.
    Your work and gift of teaching is as special as you are Mike and I’m glad Kara found you and has put this together. This is my fourth and always learn something new. Thank you to both of you . Ellie

  2. Dorcas Lotspeich (verified owner)

    Wow!! I cannot believe the wealth of knowledge in this course! Mike was so generous with his insights and advice. So many tips on things from surfaces to brushes to techniques to photos to correcting mistakes. He hides nothing and it was refreshing. I laughed out loud a few times. Mike has a great attitude and sense of humor. Throwing in an entire second painting was a great bonus. 5 stars for sure. One of the best courses I’ve ever taken. Thanks Kara for helping make this happen!

  3. Mimi Jigarjian (verified owner)

    great demos. interesting palette and mixing choices. lots to think about.

  4. Brad Norris (verified owner)

    Michael is a excellent instructor able to make painting the figure accessible and understandable to anyone.

  5. Deborah Maglio (verified owner)

    I have taken two courses from Michael Carson. Besides being an amazing artist, he is a wonderful teacher. I love the way he talks throughout the painting and you can easily follow his thought and decision making process. I have learned a lot about shapes and values by taking his course. Michael holds nothing back and is so generous with his tips and explanations on the beauty of a limited palette. I highly recommend this course for all levels.

  6. Susan (verified owner)

    5 stars for sure! I took Mike’s other class and there is always something to learn from him. He is a wonderful teacher, funny, and just pleasant to learn from. His limited signature color palette is so pleasing and easy to use, his drawing and painting instruction makes an easier start to finish the next time you begin a painting. Take this class! It is packed with advice and valuable instruction!

  7. Agnes Janovics (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed the course with Michael Carson. I learned a lot. I love his paintings and the way he sees and guide us to see. I highly recommend the course. I hope that he’ll do more of this online workshop so we can do it at home in our space.

  8. Tess Winn (verified owner)

    Firstly ,i love looking at Michael’s paintings , there is something about them that totally draws you in. This is the second course i have taken and have loved everything about it . You learn so many different techniques , from the photoshoot , the color palette to the drawing out and the use of two brushes. It is such a privilege to watch and learn from a true master…. Cant wait for the next workshop!

  9. randi joy berliner (verified owner)

    Lots of tips to hold on to! Thanks!

  10. Betsy Kimball Baden (verified owner)

    Michael Carson has been my favorite artist for a number of years before he was on Kara’s websites. My father had a Jazz Orchestra and my mom was the quintessential 1940’s beauty. So I have always liked painting from that era. Michael’s work reminds me of that era. I loved his bathing suit paintings and my fav-the women with many dots. I was so amazed when his first class from Kara popped up. I have now taken both workshops and they were everything I’d hoped for. Loved the model session. Both workshops were great. I liked his “narration”. In education, we called that a think aloud and it is a very effective tool to help students understand his thinking process as he paints. I hade hoped in the second workshop that he did not switch parts of the reference (hair of one-arm of another) as in the first workshop. Michael also explained his lighting. I could not resist this class even though I am taking Let’s face it 24. It was an amzing class from an amazing artist.

  11. Paul Duke (verified owner)

    Enrolling in Michael’s figure painting course has been a transformative experience for my art. Despite being just over halfway through my first round, I’m already planning to revisit it multiple times. Michael’s distinctive style has been a longtime inspiration for me, even before I knew his name.

    A key revelation for me has been Michael’s approach to simplifying the painting process by flattening the image and focusing on precise shapes and placements. His effortless method of navigating the initial stages, employing graphing and measuring for early corrections, has significantly enhanced my painting experience. This emphasis on foundational elements keeps the process enjoyable and helps maintain a sense of looseness and awareness.

    One of Michael’s strengths lies in his skillful use of color, showcasing the pivotal role of value. His palette choices beautifully illustrate the importance of this aspect in creating impactful artwork.

    The effectiveness of his photo shoot, paired with a great model, greatly contributed to the course’s success. While attempting it myself, I encountered challenges in achieving the remarkable results he effortlessly achieves. Throughout the course, I received a wealth of valuable pointers that have enriched my artistic efforts .

    Michael’s engaging instructions and pleasant personality added an extra layer of enjoyment to the course. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend this transformative experience for any aspiring artist.

  12. Sandra Miller (verified owner)

    I absolutely agree with all of these five star reviews. Michael Carson is a fabulous teacher. The way he talks you through his process is so helpful. I am so inspired and will definitely take more classes from him when they are offered.
    And a big thank you to Kara Bullock as well!

  13. Steve Mabley (verified owner)

    I’ve never done figure painting,/ but This class with Michael Carson really inspired me. I love his eye and his style. I am really amazed how my painting turned out. I’d share my photo of it if I could.

  14. Lee Ferguson (verified owner)

    This class was excellent – I learned so much! Michael shares his approach, techniques, tools and palette so generously. And kudos to Kara for such professional production value in the videos. So worth the money. Can’t thank Michael and Kara enough for this collaboration.

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