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LET'S FACE IT - 2017

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Hello Awesome, Creative Beings!!!! I am so happy to see you back for another year of LET’S FACE IT!  Last year, we came together for our very first year of focusing on faces and portraits.  I was so thrilled by the response to the course that I just knew we had to have another go!  So, here we are, back for more!  For LET’S FACE IT 2017, I have put together a ridiculously awesome, super yummy, fantabulous group of 19 of my favorite mixed media artists.  Together, we want to share MORE of our strategies, tips, and techniques that we use in order to create our faces and portraits so that you can continue on this path of creating beautiful, creative portraits!

What is LET’S FACE IT?

I know from my own personal experience just how intimidating it can be to draw/create faces and portraits. In fact, at one point, I was so scared by the process that I quit creating for years! After connecting with others via Facebook and art workshops, I found that I was not alone, and this concept of a year of creating portraits began to brew in my mind!  Let’s Face It started last year in 2016, and we have 900+ students to date with people still signing up!  We have created a community of encouraging artists that want to work together to overcome these fears and support one another along the way!

In this course, we learn to face our fears of creating faces and portraits, accept where we are on our personal journey, love what we make and know the value of each piece, and continue to nurture our skills so that we feel more comfortable and more confident in continuing on this adventure to finding out what our “face” is!


LET’S FACE IT 2017 is a course for anyone that wants to practice creating faces and portraits, but was especially designed for those of you that have felt scared or intimidated to do so at some point in your life. This course will be a safe place for you to continue to practice your skills and receive feedback from other artists and learners along the way.  The weekly lessons will give you the instruction you need to learn how to construct a face in different positions.  You will learn specifically how to draw a face/portrait, and then how to use different materials to complete your portraits.  We will use media such as paints, pencils, pastels and more!!!

PicMonkey Collage(19)

Just like Let’s Face It 2016, LFI 2017 is also a progressive course. It will be broken down into sections, much like a college course. Sounds great, right!?!  What is even better is that each section will have a specific focus. in 2016, we focused on the front face, 3/4 face, and profile.  We also spent time on the figure and hands! For 2017, we will have a quick review on some of these and then dive right in to our NEW AREAS OF FOCUS!!!  We will be focusing on the following concepts in this course:

  • values
  • skin tones, light and dark
  • mixing your own paints to create color
  • expression
  • more difficult angles of the face
  • hands
  • expressive poses
  • young faces and old faces
  • beautiful backgrounds
  • sculpture
  • AND style development
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As we progress through the course, the various instructors will be teaching you their techniques and strategies that they use as they create in their particular style.  The course is set up in this fashion so that you get tons of practice in different areas.

You will also continue to receive weekly Tips and Tricks with Kara, BUT this year, the guest teachers will also offer their own tips and tricks!!  Additionally, you will receive weekly journal prompts to give you ideas and inspiration for regular practice.  Below is a sample “Tips and Tricks” video from Let’s Face It 2016.

Here is a breakdown of how a typical section will run:

Course Section on ValuesExample Only

Week 1 – Introduction to section with Kara
Week 2 – Lesson with Guest Artist
Week 3 – Mini Lesson/Technique Lesson
Week 4 – Lesson with Guest Artist
Week 5 – Mini Lesson/Technique Lesson
Week 6 – Lesson with Guest Artist
Week 7 – Mini Lesson/Technique Lesson
Week 8 – Lesson with hostess Kara Bullock and Wrap Up

What is really special about LET’S FACE IT is that it is full of various talented artists, each with their own unique style.   You will see that some artists have a more realistic style, and others are more whimsical.  Each artist has worked very hard to find her style when it comes to creating her face and a bit of that journey will be shared with you in hopes of inspiring you to find “your face”.   My hope for Let’s Face It – 2017 is to bring you back for more inspiration to help you continue on your personal journey of discovery and growth as you continue to develop you own unique style of painting portraits.

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Here is your super-duper, delicious, “out-of-this-world” group of instructors that I know you will not be able to pass up!

PicMonkey Collage(22)

Can you believe this amazing line up???!!?!?  Pinch yourself, because it is real!!!

So, what is included with this course?

  • 50 weeks of amazing stuff! Each week you will receive a BRAND NEW lesson that has never been seen before!  While these lessons are all new, some of the techniques might be ones that you are familiar with.  Some of the lessons will be full-length videos from the instructors that walk you step-by-step through their creative process in creating faces/portraits. Other lessons will be mini lessons, PDFs, etc. that share special tips and strategies to use as you are creating. Typically we will be rotating between a full-length and a special technique lesson. This way you will have about two weeks in between the longer lessons.
  • 19 lessons from your guest teachers – full length videos with A LOT of hand holding
  • 19 mini lessons from your guest teachers – PDFs, short videos that include tips, secrets, tricks, etc. to use when creating faces/portraits
  • 10+ lessons from your host, ME, Kara Bullock!  My lessons will include both full-length and mini!
  • 50 weekly journal prompts to help with practice
  • 50 tips on supplies and other art related topics
  • 2 ATC Swaps
  • Artist Give Aways
  • Surprise Guests
  • Suggested supply list when registration opens!
  • Step-by-step PDF instructions to go along with the main lessons.  These will be printable and you can use them to follow along with the lessons.
  • Downloadable content that you can keep forever, including the videos!!  All videos will be downloadable!  Whoo Hoo!!!
  • A Facebook group dedicated to those of you taking the course and your teachers!
  • Personal time with me.  I will have specific times each week that I am available in the Facebook group.  Yay!
  • A classroom to call your own on my WordPress website



20 awesome art teachers plus your hostess (ME), 50+ weeks of lessons, PLUS other goodies!!



COST – $149

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We are so excited and sure hope you will join us for a year of connecting, creating, and collaborating with other creatives like you!



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31 reviews for LET’S FACE IT – 2017

  1. Roberta Schmidt @ ArtcyLucy.com

    This is my first year taking Let’s Face It, and here we are in Week 12 and I am LOVING it! Each teacher has a gift they are sharing, their personality comes through brilliantly, and the encouragement to create and get over fears of trying new things, really helps me to want to create something for every lesson. Kara has put so much thought, and time, and love into this class. I wake up every Monday, just waiting to see what she has in store for us. It has been awesome! And a wonderful value for a remarkable class!

  2. Magenta Wise

    I bless the day I came across the ‘Let’s Face It’ course. I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned in three months, and there are still nine to go!. From not being able to paint a face at all, i can now do so without even needing a reference photo if necessary. The diversity of styles and techniques so generously given by so many teachers is stimulating and challenging, with ample support and advice when needed. The quality of the videos is also superb and the fact that they are downloadable avoids the annoyance of the internet cutting out, which can often happen where I live. The price is incredible value, you sure get a lot for your money! Learning from this course is like being at a top rate art school, yet people can work at their own pace and many friendships are being forged amongst the students. I recommend this course both to beginners and to those who are more advanced. Everything is so clearly explained and easy to follow, many new techniques are demonstrated and it’s exciting to discover new mediums and how to use them together. Taking the course is one of the most important and meaningful things I’ve ever done for myself, I’m at last learning something I’ve always wanted to do. Thank you Kara, and all the wonderful teachers you have gathered to help us on our way x x x

  3. marjopiet

    This class has been so exciting for me. I love drawing and painting faces, this class has enabled me to really take a look at what I am doing and enable me to improve my paintings. I love the videos, teachers, students AND seeing everyone’s work. Kara and the other instructors critiques are so helpful and positive. I wait patiently on Mondays for the classes to be posted so I can see what will consume me for the week. Thank you thank you to Kara and all the wonderful instructors, every class has been a joy. Marge Piet

  4. Jane E. Schneider

    This is the most creative experience I have ever been part of. The variety of talents of the teachers and artist participant is overwhelming. Kara has developed a most unique class that plays to all levels of artists. To be part of the artistic endeavor is to believe. I am very grateful for taking the leap to sign up. I wasn’t sure if I was out of my league when I read the description – WOW I should have signed up sooner. There is nothing to fear if you are a beginner or advanced – there’s hand holding and stroking depending what your ability may need. You can’t find a more caring, supporting and genuine group of artists. Thank you Kara for your generosity, support and LOVE.

  5. Dori Hamill

    This is my second year of Let’s Face It and I cannot say how grateful and thrilled I am to have found this fabulous resource. I am a lifelong artist and teacher but I was in a rut. I had never painted faces before so I was starting fresh. The variety of teachers and the quality of instruction is top notch. I am using new materials and exploring different styles that I would have not tried on my own. I love having a new lesson to look forward to each week. It keeps me focused. I now have a new confidence and my skills have grown by leaps and bounds. The whole LFI Facebook community is supportive and awesome. I live in the woods and this connects me to artists around the world. I could keep going with my complements to Kara Bullock but I’ll just leave it at this- this course has changed my world and that is not an exaggeration. This is the best money I have ever spent. Thank you thank you thank you.

  6. Jane E. Schneider

    LFI 2016 &2017 were the best artistic experiences I could ever hope for. The variety of teachers and participating artists is overwhelming. Kara has done a superb job putting this course together. This speaks to the new ,as well as, seasoned artist. This is a “must do” for all artists that have a penchant for sketching, enhancing and creating faces. Monday is the hi-lite of my week because our new class is posted and I’m raring to go.Sharing is what I love most so consider my comments my way to share with you a WONDERFUL ART EXPERIENCE. Thank You Kara for your time, efforts, support and most of all LOVE as we all embark on the journey.

  7. Marguerite Quinones

    I’ve taken several courses from Kara’s website and was hesitant tossing on for Let’s Face It 2017… I thought it would be ‘overkill’… HA was I wrong! I am so thrilled that I took the plunge again! I can’t wait each week to jump in and do the next lesson! When I first signed on with Angels Among Us I was so intimidated and ended up mostly watching the videos and only trying a couple of the lessons. Then in Let’s Face It 2016, little by little my self confidence grew! Now in LFI 2017 I am not only willing but so excited to jump into any lesson and give it a try! I still have so much to learn, but with Kara holding my hand (honestly it feels like she is with me all the time) I feel that I can “Face” my journey head on!! I highly recommend this or any course on Kara’s site, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced artist!! ❤️??‍??

  8. Lesley Ann How

    I have been trying for quite a while to draw faces and people, i see such amazing pictures and wanted to be able to do this myself. I have no training and saw this course on Kara’s website and thought ….. well if I want to learn faces then this might be the ticket. I have to say that this course has been a revelation to me. I cannot get over how much I have learnt in such a short space of time. I cannot believe how much my faces have changed. The course has given me the confidence to say that yes I can do this, I can create pictures that I am really happy with and I mean really happy. All the teachers are amazing, they are so helpful and supportive, their workshops are so explanatory and everything is done to help you learn about colours, about how faces are made up and how to improve what you do. The community around this course too is full of such diverse talents, their work is incredible and so inspiring. But everyone has been really so supportive and kind. I cannot thank Kara enough for this amazing course, it has really opened my eyes and given me such joy, thank you!

  9. Debbie

    I was always apprehensive about drawing faces so signed up for Let’s Face It 2017. In three months I am drawing a face in my journal almost every evening. I love it, no more fear. Just get in there and draw is what ever instructor has emphasized. Have fun , play, experiment…think out of the box, try new things, stretch your comfort zone until you are uncomfortable, etc etc. Kara and the instructors are encouraging, knowledgeable and so willing to share everything they know with the class. I love it and can’t wait each week for the next class. I have used mediums I would never have even tried before. It was a wise choice to sign up for this class. The fellow classmates are also very encouraging and supportive. I am having too much fun. I highly recommend this class for any one who is wanting to try their hand at drawing faces. You will come away with so much more.

  10. Sherry Goodloe

    Let’s Face It 2017? Where do I even begin?!

    This course has taught me sooooo much already. I say “already”, because I have only scratched the surface of the many lessons that are included.

    I have been traveling and have not been able to carry all of the tools, paints, pens (you get what I’m saying), etc., that I need for each lesson, however, I HAVE been able to view the videos, sketch along the way and read and print any included pdf’s to help get me ready to REALLY dive into each lesson once I’m “back home” for a period of time.

    Other than the monies spent on my travels, this online art course has been the BEST money I have spent!
    Thank you soooo much for offering it!

  11. Annette Centofanti

    Oh my , love to do reviews & love to read them . I cannot recommend Kara Bullock & her ” Lets Face It 2017 ” classes enough !!!!!! She has put together an amazing line up of absolutely wonderful inspiring artists who have shared their knock -out talents !!!!!! This is my first year with ” Lets Face It ” . I wanted to learn more about painting portraits and I have been so excited each week to explore the next portrait adventure ! My personal work has grown beyond what I thought I could do ! Thank YOU Kara !!!!

  12. Monicab

    This is my first time taking a Let’s Face It course. This past December I was looking for an online art class to take in the new year. I first considered the subject matter and then the cost. I wanted to learn portrait drawing and painting. I really lack confidence when it comes to portraits as I have so little experience. This year long class is more affordable than the other year-long courses that I considered. I can actually afford to take this! Instead of one lesson, you get a different lesson and teacher each week. I have learned so much! I love that each teacher has a different style and something different to offer. I am so thrilled with the talent and expertise that I am seeing with the teachers. If you wonder “how did they do that?” this is a great way to find out! I have a new appreciation for mixed media! One thing that I went into the course wanting to learn was how to make my paintings more interesting. I am learning first how to do the basics and then how to make my art say something so that it’s not just run-of-the-mill. I love that we can all connect on Face Book to encourage, be encouraged and get inspired. Thanks to all of the teachers who have been willing to share their gifts. Now I am hoping for a Let’s Face It 2018 class!

  13. Jeanne Elliott

    I can not say enough about this fabulous course! I can not believe how much I have learned in Kara Bullock’s Let’s Face It courses! There is such a wonderful variety of lessons from the most wonderful instructors, including the delightful Kara herself. If you have always wanted to learn to do faces, this is a wonderful and economical way to get going. All levels of experience will find exciting and challenging projects in a variety of media to work on. There is great support from Kara and all the other teachers as well as a delightful and supportive online face book community. I can not recommend it highly enough!

  14. Terri Hamlin

    Two thumbs up! If I had more thumbs they’d be up too!

  15. Tanja Sandmann

    I am so happy that I joined LFI! Bought both 2016 and 2017 at the last day that 2016 was available, and I dis not have a second of regret. I LOVE the course, and I also LOVE the supportive community coming along with being in this course. All the teachers are so willong to help and all the sharing of work is so incredible, inspiring and uplifting. And creatively, this course defenitely been a great boost to my creative process and I love every second of it.

  16. Catherine Valenti

    One of the best art courses I have ever taken! Money well spent. The exposure that I received of so many different types of art is invaluable. The assistance I received when needed incomparable. I have taken Let’s Face It 2016 and now am in Let’s Face It 2017. I am growing as an artist and improving every day. My gratitude for all the teachers in this course is immense. Thank you so much Kara for putting this course together. It has altered my creativity for the best.

  17. Debbie Middleton-Hope

    I had always been a little apprehensive about trying my hand at drawing faces, but not anymore. I signed up for Let’s Face It 2017 and am only in week 12 and I have already seen a great improvement in my drawing. Kara and all the instructors are knowledgeable, encouraging and willing to share all they know with the class. They encourage growth…”stretch out of your comfort zone, learn to play, forget perfect and paint from the soul” are common messages. The participants are also very encouraging and there is learning in the sharing portion of this class as well. Signing up for this class was a wise choice and I highly recommend the class.

  18. Suz

    This is the most fun and inspirational class I have ever taken. It was long, all year, so I hesitated but I have learned so much I now look forward to each week. Each teacher brings their own unique style so you are learning something different each week. I find I have plenty of time to do each lesson. Each teacher has been patient and so helpful I overcame my fear to show my work. There are also a class full of amazing students. It is a very uplifting, safe space to learn and to show your work. There are some very in depth classes and some lighter easier ones in between so you don’t ever feel overwhelmed. Kara, Bullock, who runs the place is an outstanding artist in her own right and a wonderful administrator who is always available.

  19. Louise Thorpe

    My life has been totally enriched by this course. Without it I would still have my crazy fear of putting paint to paper. (Even though I am a graphic designer and have always drawn) I love everything about this course!!! Thanks Kara and thanks to all the participants who have sent their encouragement xx

  20. Jen

    I love Let’s Face It! Kara is warm and friendly, encouraging and a great teacher. She has also obviously worked hard at getting other ‘like minded’ teachers. I love the structure of the course. The Facebook group is also full of encourager! LFI17 is a wonderful community to belong to and learn from. Thank you Kara and Team!

  21. Potterybymelissa@yahoo.com

    This class is amazing. I can’t believe how quickly my work is improving. Each lesson is professionally done. The artists have such different techniques that I am learning so much. I would highly recommend it to any level artist. I like that the first few weeks, you are taught the basics for drawing faces. That really helped since I was basically a beginner. The only con, I feel is that I didn’t realize there would be so many supplies. I bought the supplies on the master list before the class started, but found that most weeks I needed to buy supplies if I was going to fully engage in the lesson as provided.

  22. Libbi Corson

    I have been blown away by the instructors and projects each week in this class! I am watching my portraits improving week by week. I can not recommend this class enough.

  23. Coastal Pamela Vosseller

    Let’s Face It workshop is a must for any artist looking to learn multiple techniques for creating face and form. Courses for all levels with exceptional instructors. The added bonus is your fellow art tribe that you are able to share your successes and failures in a safe, loving, and encouraging environment. Kara is a giving host and will always support. It is worth every penny!

  24. Mika

    If you are wanting to learn portrait art or you want to freshen your art skills or if you just want to have fun then LFI2017 is for you!! It is so fun and very informative. Kara along with the guest teachers walk along your journey with you.

  25. Britta

    A beautiful workshop, packed with so much knowledge that you have to watch the videos again and again. All the Teachers are very supportive and Kara is always present and encouraging. I love every minute of it.

  26. Cindy Celusta

    This is such a wonderful class with such a unique and special variety of teachers. I came into this with no drawing, painting or formal art education. I’m making faces! The feeling of successfully learning new skills has been very uplifting. I’m also super behind because for me, trying the lesson several times is essential to the way I learn. But it’s ok because I can access the classes forever. This has been a fun and satisfying journey and so happy I found it! Even more happy that its offered!

  27. Laney

    I very highly recommend this course! Let’s Face It 2017 was the first class I purchased from Kara Bullock and I have purchased two more since then – in two months time! This class brings together so many great artists/instructors working in different styles – it’s really been an education so far and we are only three months in to the class! Kara is such a fantastic teacher. Her experience as an educator really shines through and her personality is so encouraging. All of the teachers are present and available in the FB group to answer questions about their lessons and all of the videos are well done. You can really see what the artists are doing as they work and lead you through their process. The other students are supportive too! If you want to learn more about drawing/painting faces don’t hesitate to purchase this class!

  28. dboyd

    I am learning so much from this class! I have not painted since college and was very rusty, but with all the practice and great instructors, I am pleased with my come back. I highly recommend taking this class.

  29. Kim DuPree

    I have taken several year-long art classes, but none have challenged me the way Let’s Face It has. While the other classes were fun, were a great value and I learned a lot, they didn’t get me out of my comfort zone the way Let’s Face It has. And when you are out of your comfort zone, your comfort zone gets larger and you grow. This course is a GREAT value for the cost. I see my growth on a weekly basis. Thank you, Kara, for curating this awesome course and for challenging me!

  30. Betty Wilkins

    What a joy to be able to “settle in,” for a whole year, into a class with such excellent, diversified, creative instruction!! It’s phenomenal!!

  31. conniekfoster

    It’s like going to a 5 star restaurant and getting a 52 course meal with each course making you hungry for more! Excellent! Highly recommend to all from beginner to advanced students 🙂

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