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  • Class is Open!  Self-Study
  • Artist – Mara Light
  • 10 Hours of content
  • Lifetime Access/Downloadable Content
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  • Course Price – $129
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Would You Like to Explore New Materials and Ideas in Your Portrait Work?  Are You Ready to Let Your Painting Be Your Guide and Follow Its Lead?

Join Mara Light in her debut online demonstration painting the portrait in oil!  Watch as Mara demonstrates her process and approach to painting the expressive portrait. She will share her tips and tricks to help simplify the portrait drawing experience, and ways to experiment to bring more life into your work.  If you are ready to explore new materials, and a new way of creating, this demo is definitely worth signing up for!  Mara shares everything on camera from beginning to end!

This demo will allow you to watch Mara work much like she works in her studio at home.  This offering is being called a demo because it is not an instructional video on the portrait, but more a demonstration of how she completes her pieces in a studio from start to finish.


Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Cost - $129


Watch Mara Light in studio where she will share her entire process of creating an expressive portrait from start to finish.  Mara will begin by sharing with you how to create a textured background to work on.  From there she will begin to paint the portrait from reference.  Learn how Mara prints out her photos to work from.  She will demonstrate the method she uses to ensure features and hands will be drawn in the correct places.  After that, Mara will show her palette, and the various tools she uses to get a variety of texture and color onto her panel.  Throughout these videos you will feel as though you are in the studio with Mara, watching her create a beautiful portrait from beginning to end. 

*This is not a live workshop.  All lessons are prerecorded.



Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Cost - $129



I was born in 1970 in New York. My artistic journey began early in life within the home. Creativity was always encouraged by my parents as they were artists themselves. I was often drawing and being creative in some form or another. I am grateful art was a respectable endeavor in my home life and family. In my high school years, I started to understand the extraordinary power art would have on my life. Art was a way to escape into my own world, a place where beauty and deep emotions had a voice. After high school, I completed my BFA in 1993 at the Art Center College of Design in California. The central theme of my paintings is the expression of the figure with a focus on the female form using light to reveal the mood or expression I would like to convey. I am constantly evolving and dedicated to creating paintings that remain fresh and speak to the viewer on many levels. My work is shown in galleries, charity events, and has been commissioned by dozens of private and public collectors. Most days I can be found painting in my studio and loving the struggle of life as an artist!





This course will have a private Facebook group just for you!  Mara will be active in the first four weeks of the course (6/8/22 - 7/8/22).  After that the course will be a self-study and feedback from Mara is not required.


I hope you can use supplies that you already have and not have to purchase any. Really you can do this with any medium and any tools so go ahead and try to use what is already in your artspace.


  • Wood panel any size - I am working on a24x30




  • Glass Palette
  • Variety of Palette Knives - various shapes
  • Variety of Brushes - Round bristle brushes, Soft filbert
  • For details - Trekell small round brushes
  • Carbon paper


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  1. Libbi Corson (verified owner)

    Even though this is called a “demo” it is far from just a demo. Through out the 13 videos, Mara gives descriptions of what she is doing and why. For me this has given me a sense of freedom in following my own intuition like nothing else has. In her honesty of “not knowing why she is or isn’t doing something” it has given permission to play and experiment. I no longer feel that my painting needs to “look” like anything but my interpretation. Mara’s sweet quiet voice and her silence was both informative and hypnotic and allowed me just to watch what she was doing. I LOVE the amount of texture and scraping that she uses, the constant going back each day to retrace the form, the glazing techniques and then the pulling the lights from the dark. I could go on and on but I hope that you can feel my excitement for this “demo” and not be afraid to jump in with us. It is so much fun!!!

  2. Arina

    Amazing and brilliant artworks, thank you, Mara!!!

  3. Tamara Garner (verified owner)

    Mara’s class brought so many new techniques and ideas to the classroom. I was able to begin incorporating some of these techniques into my work which allowed me to loosen up but still feel comfortable with my art. I would love more classes with her, maybe learning more about how she uses cheesecloth and the finalizing washes she uses.

  4. Debra Shelton (verified owner)

    Mara is an amazingly talented artist and it is very generous of her freely share her techniques and her creative process in this class. I learned so much and really enjoyed her teaching.

  5. Randy Weldon (verified owner)

    I watched every minute of the many video segments in this class! I was astounded by Mara’s lessons on scraping techniques (palette knives, credit cards, ratty old brushes etc), plus smooth painting techniques on the face, pulling out lighter colors from other darker paint spots, painting dark and then sort of erasing or lifting some ares to create light highlights, etc. I had never done a portrait in oil, so I tried using Mara’s techniques on a different reference photo, and I am pleased with my first results (even though it isn’t close to Mara’s beautiful results!!). Thanks Mara!

  6. brbrmclain (verified owner)

    Watching Mara Light paint in this extensive demo was a revelation! I have been a figurative painter for 30 years, yet I watched totally mesmerized by the techniques she used to apply paint to a textured panel that yielded stunning results. Her ability to render exquisite figuration as well as loose gestural marks and drips kept me glued to the computer screen. I’ve lost count over how many times I have rewatched this!

  7. renate basinski renate (verified owner)

    I began but then I stopped by the mere outlining of her facd. I am a bit intimitated by the work Mara has done; she is a masterpainter- woman!? Anyhow, I will have ago at it after all and if there goes something wrong …it is just paint!
    Thank you, Maria-light, for the wonderful work you do for us. I admire your patience during the painting. Chapeaux! Wishing you all the best and stay safe…

  8. josephine Coyle (verified owner)

    Mara is an original and excellent oil painter – generous in her sharing of techniques used and explanations. Her looseness in being adaptable and adjusting as she sees how the paint is moving across the surface – such patience. and her honesty in saying she does not know why she is doing a particular thing – very freeing. Recommend her course highly.

  9. Suzanne (verified owner)

    An amazing class. You learn to make an eye appear amazingly. What a beautiful way to paint. I’ve used Maras technique in other areas of my art too. So worth it and enjoyable.

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