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  • Instructor – Lauren Rudolph
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  • Course Price – $69
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In this course, we will be learning to see portraits in a deeper light. There are subtleties in the face that require greater focus to notice, and I will be your guide to help you see these subtleties as you paint your own portraits.  This workshop contains a warm-up activity, three main lessons, and an inspiration lesson. We will complete a monochromatic painting, a full color-painting, and a painting that incorporates collaging. Each project will feature a different angle of the face, and the final project will be more in-depth.




By the end of this course, you will have an understanding of the following concepts:

  • How to begin a painting by first drawing out the portrait.
  • Understand that the face is like a puzzle.  We will measure, using negative space and shapes that make up the face to put the pieces together to achieve a likeness.
  • Learn to see values and break down shadow and mid tone.
  • Mix colors to create many variations for your portraits.
  • Incorporate certain colors into highlight and shadows to achieve a cool and warm effect.
  • Create a monochromatic painting
  • Create a full color portrait
  • Incorporate collage into your portraits



I believe that sketching is crucial for practice. I like to sketch a face a few times in order to really connect and see. This is a very valuable practice that I highly recommend. Working on pieces that are not precious or always finished products is very important. Allowing ourselves time to be loose, vulnerable and to grow. Doing the work is the most important thing. Making the commitment to do the work is the biggest step and will take you very far. Don’t expect the first piece to be the final piece. Give yourselves room to grow and expand.

PicMonkey Collage(1)



In Lesson 2, we will be creating a monochromatic painting.  A monochromatic painting is created using one color that is made darker and lighter to achieve form. The beauty of this technique is simplification of form, shadows, mid-tone and highlights. Without the extra effort required to mix and see a variety of colors, we can allow ourselves to see the basics of these things. Our eyes can take in important information without getting overwhelmed.


A painting done in full color takes things to the next level. Not only are we trying to create the illusion of shadow, mid tone and highlight, but we are now mixing colors and creating subtle variations. In the face, there are many variations that I attempt to achieve with only a few colors.


In a color portrait, we have both warm and cool color variations to convey, where there is a lack of light and where the light hits as well as neutral areas. Warm colors express light, like the light of the sun, or that of a lamp or candle. Cool reflects shadow where light does not hit like a dark night sky or a shadow under a bed. When you place cool and warm colors in certain area of a face you create dimension and visual harmony. Reflected lights can create a warmth in an otherwise cool space. Paying attention to where these tones and shades sit on the face is very helpful in creating the illusion of form and color.  In lesson 2, I walk you through the process of creating this visual harmony as we bring together warm and cool colors!






In Lesson 3, we will not only paint a portrait in color, but also add some collage elements to our pieces.  I love to add collage to my paintings. Cutting pieces and putting them together on paper or canvas with glue to me feels very satisfying. I get my paper from stores like Paper Source or Dick Blick. I feel very inspired by patterns and texture and love to be led by the beautiful imagery of paper design. I use my intuition to choose. Sometimes I am working on a dark painting so I know that I want my paper to reflect the overall feeling. It is fun to walk into a store and find papers that support my vision. This feels like playing to me. Even writing about it now makes me want to run over the store and surround myself with the patterns and beauty of decorative paper.


Our final lesson will be more of an inspiration lesson!  We will take all that we have learned throughout the course and create one final portrait.  In this piece, I will also be adding hands!  I know for many, hands can feel scary, but I show you how I use my same approach to portraits, when drawing hands.  Hopefully this will help you to feel more confident!


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Cost - $69



This course will have a private Facebook group just for you!  I will be actively involved with the class via Facebook during the four weeks that the course is open!  I am really excited about working through these exercises with each of you!


Below is a list of the supplies that I will be using for the projects in this course.  However, you are always encouraged to use what you have on hand. 

  • 140 lb Watercolor paper
  • Paintbrushes
    • Small liner brush for acrylics and watercolor
    • Small shader brush for acrylics and watercolor
    • ¼ inch shader brush for acrylics and watercolor
    • ½ inch oval brush for acrylics and watercolor
  • 6H pencil and kneaded eraser
  • China Marker Black
  • Derwent Water Soluble Pencil
  • Acrylic Paints
    • Liquitex Turquoise Depp
    • Liquitex Paynes Gray
    • Alizarin Crimson (cool red)
    • Cadmium Red Medium (warm red)
    • Cadmium Red light (warm light red used for light coming through skin such as through ear lobes)
    • Cadmium Yellow Medium (warm yellow)
    • Ultramarine Blue (cool blue)
    • Dioxonine Purple (cool Purple)
    • Titanium White
  • Decorative Paper of your choosing
  • Liquitex Matte Medium
  • Foam Brush
  • Old Credit Card
  • Scissors
  • Water in a cup or jar
  • Paper towel for blotting
  • Palette paper pad


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  1. Kara (verified owner)

    This course by Lauren is fantastic! She really goes into depth on how to use negative and positive space when drawing a face. I learned so much and highly recommend it!

  2. marjopiet (verified owner)

    This was a wonderful class, Lauren gave wonderful instructions and I loved the negative/positive way of seeing my paintings. This was my first “Faces” class and I loved it.

  3. Tanja Sandmann (verified owner)

    This course was amazing! I has no idea I was capable of making these kind of portraits, and yet, by the detailled and inspiring teachings of Lauren Rudolp, I did. I learned so much and I would defenitely recommend it, it’s absolutely worth it’s price.

  4. Catherine Valenti (verified owner)

    First word that comes to mind describing this class is AMAZING! Lauren is a teacher full of information and detail. I absolutely loved this course. I loved every project and learned valuable lessons that will stay with me and help me through my creative journey. Thank you so much Lauren! You truly are an amazing teacher.

  5. Cindy Celusta (verified owner)

    Lauren’s explanation of thinking of the face as a puzzle, was so helpful to me. I love her style and I loved this class. I’m still on the bonus lesson, probably because I don’t want it to end! Great class, technique and teacher!

  6. Patricia Spencer (verified owner)

    Lauren is a fantastic teacher! She explains her process with such detail! I learned a ton from Lauren that I have used in my own art! What I loved most was that she will respond to you if you are really confused or just need a few strokes! I hope she offers another class soon on portraits, I will be first in line to join! All my explanation marks are for real! I love her art and teaching methods!

  7. Kellye Fowlkes (verified owner)

    I learned so much from Lauren! What a wonderful class and such a cool painting process. Thanks for such a wonderful course?

  8. Patricia Spencer (verified owner)

    Lauren is a fantastic teacher! She explains her process with such detail! I learned a ton from Lauren that I have used in my own art! What I loved most was that she will respond to you if you are really confused or just need a few strokes! I hope she offers another class soon on portraits, I will be first in line to join! All my explanation marks are for real!

  9. Terry Honstead (verified owner)

    This was a wonderful class, and Lauren is a wonderful teacher. I enjoyed the process very much!

  10. Mia (verified owner)

    I loved this class & the paintings I made were among my favorites of the year!

  11. Rina Mooij (verified owner)

    It took a while before I did this lesson but once I’m done, I really like it. I love it and lauren takes you by the hand and explains everything very well

  12. Mindy (verified owner)

    This has been a wonderful class. I went from being afraid with the idea of a portrait to feeling very confident. Lauren is very patient and so encouraging. I only have one more of her lessons left to complete

  13. Bethany

    I just finished the first project and I have fallen in love with this technique. Lauren Rudolph has an amazing teaching style. I feel as though I am learning so much from her course. Thank you to Lauren and thank you to Kara Bullock Art Studio❤️

  14. jmmanuel7 (verified owner)

    I did all my lessons in watercolor and learned how to look at shadows and shapes of the face….topography of the face.

  15. Dianne Postman (verified owner)

    Very good workshop. It was valuable to learn that the drawing is critical. After that the layering process is amazing!

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