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Would You Like to Create Paintings that Reflect the Beautiful Moments You Experience in Your Every Day Life?

Join Colby A. Sanford in his debut online course, A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT.  In this course, Colby will share with you a simple process for creating multiple paintings, from the beautiful moments you encounter in every day life.  Begin by exploring your surroundings, and discover how you can create multiple paintings from one moment.  Experiment with creating different studies, which will ultimately help you decide what will work in a completed painting.  Discover a new, limited palette to work from, which creates a lovely, muted atmosphere.  This course is full of little nuggets that will lead to less frustration when creating, and more joyful experiences, each time you paint. I can't wait to share this course with you!  I hope to see you in class!

ColbySearchingfor aMoment


By the end of this course students will have an understanding of the following concepts:

  • Find inspiration from your own surroundings
  • Quickly develop an idea from inspiration to final painting
  • Overcome the stigma of backlight/projectors
  • Explore a technique for creating quick studies of your inspiration
  • Discover how one image can produce multiple paintings
  • Learn to be in the moment with your life
  • Experiment with a new, limited palette
  • Determine when to make certain decisions or executions
  • Gain confidence in your artistic skills


Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Cost - $129



First of all, I want you to know that this course is absolutely designed for all artists, beginning to advanced.  If you are newer to painting, then this class will give you some tools to lessen your frustrations, and build your confidence.  If you are more advanced, then this course will help you to find new ways of finding inspiration and developing those ideas into paintings.

This course will begin by taking a look at some footage, that is meant to mimic me being in my every day life with my family.  We will look at the footage together, and as we do, I will talk about what it is for me that sparks some ideas.  It might be the way that the light is hitting my child's face, or the pose that they take on as they are in their environment.  My hope is that this process may give you some new ways of looking at your own surroundings.  As I find these beautiful moments, I take screen shots, that we will later take further.


After viewing the videos, and selecting our screenshots of inspiration, we will move into creating small studies.  During these lessons, you will learn how I create quick drawings, to later paint.  I will also show you how I am often inspired to create multiple studies from one special moment.  Next, we will move on to painting.  I don't spend much time on these, and it is a great way to see if a study can work as a larger, completed painting.

The last few steps of my process include taking a study and projecting it onto my canvas.  We will talk about the pitfalls of using a projector, but also how it can be a great tool!  I will choose two of my studies to paint, and walk you through my entire painting process.  During these lessons I will share why I make certain decisions and executions of the paintings.  Half way through my first painting, I decided to start a second painting because this is the real way that I work.  Working in this manner really helps me to enjoy painting more, and makes me feel way less pressure as I am working.  Painting from life has been a wonderful way of working for me, and it is my wish that you find some tips to make your own painting experience a joyful one.



Lifetime Access - Download All Content

Cost - $129



Colby A. Sanford is a figurative realist painter with a heart for finding poetry in the prosaic. Growing up in an unconventional home, he was encouraged to paint on the walls of his bedroom and later lived in a yurt. His most precious moments are spent at home with his wife and two daughters, often baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Working in a restricted acrylic paint palette, Sanford is able to highlight beauty in the mundane. Many works are paired with short-form poetry that serves to further parse extraordinaries from the commonplace of everyday life.



This course will have a private Facebook group just for you!  The artist will be actively involved with the class via Facebook during the four weeks that the course is open!  After that the course will be a self-study.  The artist may or may not be involved after the four weeks.  We are looking forward to seeing your artwork!


Below is a list of the supplies that I will be using for the projects in this course.  However, you are always encouraged to use what you have on hand. 



  • Flat brushes in sizes 8, 12 and 1/2”
  • Round brushes in sizes 3 and 5)



  • Spray or spritzer bottle
  • Paper Towel
  • Tape
  • Computer screen
  • Cheap Projector


**Upon purchasing your course, you will be asked to create an account.  If you have already created an account, after purchase your course will IMMEDIATELY be available under “LOGIN” at the top right-hand of karabullockart.com.

**If your course does not show up, please email us at karabullockart@gmail.com

**Due to the nature of the immediate availability of the course, all purchases are nonrefundable.


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