Robin Laws

robin-laws-art-my_manifesto_origI paint faces because I want to see a person’s spirit emerge from my work. When a spirit shines through the paint I know they will begin telling me their story. For me it is the merging of that spirit and heart that keeps me painting faces again and again. It is an intimate and beautiful experience!

Artist Statement

I am an Artist. I paint. I draw. I tell stories. I put them together and make art. Each and every art piece is created with great respect and compassion for my subjects whether they emerge from within my imagination, appear in a dream or show up in person  unexpectedly. I paint using the traditional art mediums of brush, paint, easel and canvas as well as with my iPad, a stylus and printer.

Art holds enormous power. Music, poetry, paintings, dance, the exquisite art of nature, all of these arts influence my day to day life. My emotions can range from sad melancholy to ecstatic joy all depending upon my choice in music. Art challenges my thinking, stirs my heart’s desires and creates momentum for change. My art deeply influences my internal world and my outer life. It’s a glorious awakening filled with love and doubt, dread and courage. And change. This particular self-portrait is serious, she’s curious, she’s intent on filling herself up and knows that she is bound to be spilling over with the emotions that come with transformations. But she’s brave and she’s willing and she never ever passes up a red thread without picking it up and following it.

Robin Laws  ~  Artist & Storyteller

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