Join our Exclusive Event, January 23rd, for Let’s Face It 2024!  By joining this online event for $40, you will get the following:

  • Connect with Let’s Face It 2024 students and teachers LIVE January 23rd
  • Receive a digital copy of the amazing Let’s Face It 2024 eBook upon purchase
  • Receive a FREE printed version of the eBookshipping to be paid by student
  • Enjoy a day full of fun events with the featured guests in the class

It’s a true PAINT PARTY!

**On occasion, the system may not charge for shipping.  In the case that you are not charged for shipping due to technical issues, shipping will be billed separately and required prior to shipment of the book.

***You are not required to purchase the Exclusive eBook Event.  Each week, throughout the year, full color PDFs will still be included with the lessons.  You just will not be able to access them all at once like you can with the purchased version.





Join Our Let's Face It 2024 Exclusive Ebook Event!

I cannot begin to tell you how much went into the creation of our first ever Let's Face It eBook!  For the past 8 years, we have had PDFs to go along with most of your weekly lessons.  But, I knew this year it was time for something different, something better, because YOU DESERVE THE BEST!  You have two options to receive your copy of the eBook.  This option that you are reading about will include a SPECIAL DAY OF EVENTS, along with a digital copy of the eBook for you to download AND a FREE printed copy of the eBook.  The cost is $40 plus shipping on the printed version.

Get Your ALL NEW Let's Face It 2024 eBook - Digital Version AND a FREE Printed Copy!

If you love Let's Face it, and all of the dreamy PDFs that you can print out week to week, then you are going to LOVE our ALL NEW Let's Face It 2024 eBook!  This eBook is like your old, week to week PDFs, revamped!  This PDF is fully customized so that the look and feel from week to week is cohesive!  You will now know exactly where to find your images, where to find your supplies, and your step-by-step instructions with full page color pictures!  It even has a table of contents to make things SUPER EASY!




We decided that because we worked so hard, we needed a special event for this!  If you join the Let's Face It 2024 Exclusive Event for $40 plus shipping on the printed version, you will get ALL of the following:


  1.  FULL ACCESS to the digital copy of the Let's Face It 2024 eBook.
  2. A FREE printed copy delivered to your home!  Shipping is not included and will be charged based on your address, but well worth it to receive this 357 page eBook in a printed version.  This means that you can actually put your hands on EVERY SINGLE PAGE each week and you won't have to waste your own ink, paper, or time!
  3. A full day event with yours truly, and several of the featured guests from the course, January 23rd from 9am-3PM Pacific Time!   Because you will have a printed version of the eBook, we will have an organization party where I show you how I am putting my printed version together in a binder.  We will also have a QandA session with several of our guest artists, and some live demos.


Let's Take a Peek at the eBook and Printed Version!

Sneak Peek of eBook

Sneak Peek of Printed Version

Things to know:

You must be signed up for the course to purchase.  By joining the eBook event, you will be paying for the eBook and event.  You will receive a FREE copy of the printed version, but you will be responsible for the shipping.  You will be charged $40 for the event plus shipping based on your address. You can access the digital version anywhere, at anytime!  If you are planning to travel through the year, and don't want to bring your printed eBook, no worries!  Just have your computer, phone or tablet handy, and you can access your digital version!  Keep up with class, even on the go, with this option.  The digital file is large.  You will need to download it to a safe space!

Once payment has been received, you will have immediate access to the digital download!  Learn how to access your downloads HERE.


  • You must be a member of the class to purchase this eBook.
  • You may not resell, sub-license, give away for free or share with someone that has not paid for the printed copy.
  • You may not resell, sub-license, give away for free or share with someone any modification of the printed or digital copy.
  • You  may not make copies of the printed eBook.  Copies of the digital book may be made for personal use only.
  • you may download and print your downloadable copy for your personal use, but you may not resell, sub-license, give away for free or share with anyone.
  • sharing that you are using the book on social media is allowed, however, you may not share full pages of the weekly lessons.



Embark on a Year-Long Artistic Journey

Are you a budding artist with a passion for portraits but hesitant to take the plunge? Or perhaps you're a seasoned creator looking to breathe new life into your artwork? I have an exciting opportunity for you – a year-long class that promises to be a game-changer for artists of all levels!

I'm thrilled to introduce a unique learning experience that goes beyond the ordinary – a year-long exploration of portrait and figure artistry. This class is designed to cater to the needs of both beginners and seasoned artists, ensuring a customized learning journey for everyone.

To purchase the eBook, you must first be signed up for Let's Face It 2024.