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  • Instructor:  Angus Wilson
  • Dates:  August 21-23, 2020
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  • Cost – $499

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Would you like to learn some simple rules and techniques to create more expressive, colorful paintings?  Are you ready to break free from conventional styles and old habits?


Join Angus Wilson in this four-day LIVE workshop via ZOOM as he guides students though his own distinctive approach to painting. Angus will focus on techniques for breaking free from conventional styles and old habits. Encouraging simple and easy methods to create stunning artwork, opening the students up to more creative confident work. During the workshop Angus will teach many aspects to painting, with a particular focus on color, simplifying composition, and the power of dynamic ‘under painting’.


The workshop will be held on ‘still life’ painting, but ideas and methods learned in the class can apply to all painted subjects. The class will work in the studio from a number of arrangements. During the workshop painting exercises will be used as a method for teaching ideas and principles. These will include an approach for - ‘designing & re-imagining color choices’, and ‘creating energetic simplified brush work’


The workshop will focus primarily on Acrylic, but oil painting is also welcome. If the student wishes to work in another medium, please arrange directly before hand.


Workshop Schedule:

August 20-23, 2020 — This nearly 4 day ONLINE Workshop is stretched over 4 days, but each session of teaching won't last a full day. This effectively is a 3-day workshop redesigned for online classes. Students should plan to have a busy few days. 

Information for joining this private Zoom class will be sent to all students before the workshop begins with plenty of time for planning. It will be best to join the viewing of the demos on a computer because of the large screen size. However, you can use Zoom on any smartphone or iPad. If using a smaller smartphone, you can also hook it up to a TV with HDMI using an appropriate connecting cable. An additional benefit to having this ability is you can project an image from your phone or computer to the monitor to paint from. It is the main way that I paint when using photos.   Class size is still limited to 12.


Registration is Open!

AUGUST 20-23, 2020




Angus Wilson was born and raised in Scotland and has lived in numerous cities throughout Britain. He has worked as a professional artist his entire career (25+ yrs), however his work has been varied and few would say his path to a fine art career was by a traditional route. Originally attending art college in the disciplines of photography, film, and animation, Angus then pursued a career in television and video, as well as the computer entertainment market. Angus worked as a director, producer, editor, and animator, winning international awards for his animation and for a number of his entertainment products. Throughout this period of his life, 'traditional painting' functioned as a sideline. However in 2004, with growing popularity in his work, Angus made the decision to pursue

his fine art career full time. In lighter moments he jokes that his skills have 'regressed', from cutting edge multimillion dollar Computer graphic animation projects to merely pushing paint around a canvas!

The artists work is reminiscent of many great post-impressionists, such as Matisse and Cezanne, but there's also a contemporary underpinning that gives his work a powerful kick of originality justifying his growing success and loyal following.

In 2007 Angus relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, he works mainly in oil and acrylic. He has and continues to be involved in numerous shows, displaying work internationally. His work is collected and held by museums, corporations and collectors worldwide.



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Airport and Hotels

If you are flying in, the closest airport to the studio is Santa Ana - John Wayne Airport.  It is about 5 miles away from the studio, with several hotels nearby as well.  Our clients' favorite hotels are listed below.

***there are hotels closer to the studio, but several that I DO NOT recommend.  If you have questions about hotels, please reach out to me at


Workshop Policies: Due to limited class size, payment is non-refundable, but is transferable ONLY if the workshop sells out. If you purchase a workshop and are unable to attend, AND if there is a wait list for the course, we will offer your spot to a person on the wait list. If someone on the wait list is able to take your spot, we will reimburse you your tuition, minus a $75 admin fee for handling the replacement.  If you are unable to attend the workshop, and the workshop has not sold out with a wait list, we will not be able to refund your purchase.

***These policies also apply to a Zoom workshop.


Cancellations:  If the event does not reach the minimum number of participants, workshop may be cancelled. In this case, you will be notified 30 days prior to the workshop.  In the very rare event of an emergency or unavoidable natural disaster or act of God, the class may be cancelled. If this is to happen, all purchased workshops will be reimbursed to students in full.


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