Petra Stein

pizap.com14414807665281My greatest passion for painting faces is that I can create a fantasy, that there are no limits, and there is no perfection in painting faces! I think it’s great to bring a drawing to “life” by using a lot of color, appearance, emotions … that’s what I find important in my life. Art saved me!!

Artist Statement

Hi, I’m Petra, 48 years young and married for 28 years. I have 3 adult children, 2 dogs and a cat.

I’m a Mixed Media Artist and I live in a small village in The Netherlands.
My biggest passion is to create beautiful girls, often a bit whimsy, with lovely backgrounds.
My second biggest passion and dream is to learn the world and how to create these lovely girls.
My third big passion is to become an Art Therapist. I recently started studying again, I follow a study to become an Art Therapist and I really love it!

About 3 years ago, Mixed Media came by chance into my life and I immediately became obsessed with it. I was really surprised that I could draw and paint and at the time it was my life-saver! Not long after I realized that I could paint and draw I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be a Mixed Media teacher/ therapist myself!

Now I have my own website, created my first online course and Kara asked me to be a guest teacher and I’m really proud of myself. There were many obstacles to get to where I am today, I really had to learn my English again and that was not easy for me, and I still find it difficult. But I’ve decided that that’s not a reason to not let my dreams come true. I’m very proud of myself for not giving up on my dream!



Where to find Petra:

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